Friday, June 20, 2008


do you ever think about Neanderthals. i was thinking about that movie 10,000 BC and i was a little bothered that this girl had dirt in her hair and on her face and she was like hotter than anyone i know. so then i was thinking about what they would really look like. here is what i'm thinking

1.) dried blood (from the raw animals that they would rip apart with their teeth) ALL over their face and under their nails and in their ears (don't ask just go with it)
2.) BIG FAT NOSES... bigger than mine... i know thats hard to believe that a nose that big could exist
3.) i think the women would have like dread locks coming out from under their arms. with dried blood holding the dreads in place
4.) her little toga thing would be made out of a dead carcus from her dinner the week before so it would have plenty of time to dry out. and the head of the poor little dingo would still be attached.
5.) and she would have huge flat feet. GROSS.

i've included a picture up at the top and i would like to know if ANYONE finds her attractive. cause that is what the truth really looks like. i know its a little disturbing... but i thought you had a right to know.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

here I am

so... i've decided to start blogging. because when i write in a journal i always think someones going to read what i wrote. but on here i assume someone might maybe care enough to read it so i censor myself enough so i don't have to worry... that made sense in my mind

anyway my name is Savannah Lee Gardiner my maiden name is Savannah Lee Brown. i'm married to Riley Gardiner and we've been married since 2006.

So Rye's been trying to get on with the LVMPD for about 6 months now so thats an ongoing thing. i'll try to keep everyone updated. he's going in on July 8th to retake the written test. in march he didn't pass but only by 4% so i'm hopeful.