Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cold Season! and Wedding Season!

So as the couple of you that actually read this know, i'm not living with the in-laws. we closed on our house tuesday morning, we finished cleaning out our house that night. and after tears from both me and Riley, we closed down another chapter of our life.

well tuesday, while moving i felt a little trickle of a cold. well yesterday it came full force!  so i've been locked up in the in-laws house because everyone is terrified that i have the swine Flu. well i don't.... at least i don't think i do. So i'm sitting in the nice leather lazy boy, which has been my spot of choice for the last tue days. and i'm thinking about how much i HATE being sick. you always forget how miserable you get. i went with Riley yesterday for a quick trip to the bank, mall and walmart. and by the time we hit wal mart i thought i was going to die! you have absolutely NO energy. and even walking to the kitchen or bathroom makes you completely winded! LAME LAME LAME!!!!

anyway on another note. i've decided that October is wedding season. last year we were invited to about 5 or 6 weddings JUST in October. this year... it's not quite as many but still. this weekend, we have a full schedule.
Tomorrow my mom is getting sealed to her husband at the Salt Lake Temple, so we are going up with them to take some pictures for her. then we have to race back down to Highland because one of Riley's best friends from High School, Tanner, is getting married. Tanner is marrying this DARLING girl Sharley who i absolutely adore.
THEN.... on Saturday i will be cohosting the infamous conference party! anyone that knows me knows that Lauren, Megan, and I have held a party for the annual and semi-annual General Conference! sooooo if you want to join us for Crepes, fun, and the word of God, let me know! we would be more than happy to have you join us! so i hope to see you all there. in between sessions. AND for anyone that went to Timpview... remember those crepes the catering class would sell... the strawberry ones.  well my sister was in the original class that did those. so I HAVE THE RECIPE. and we have been making them at every conference since 2003... so stop by. even just to take a crepe and say hi for a minute! let me know if you wanna join us in provo and i'll get you all the info!