Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nothing like hearing a gunshot on the phone

There are things about being a Marine wife that i have gotten used to that seemed so odd before... like sitting in my living room and hearing gunshots from the range. or having armed men patrolling my neighborhood. recently i heard something on the phone that still caught me a little off guard "hey babe, hold on, you're going to hear gunshots in a minute"

I miss my husband. i am SO ready for him to be home. I definitely DON'T take him for granted while he is here. and i am So excited to get some more time to "chill" with him.

I have a field trip with my preschool in the morning. i am pretty stoked about it. This is probably my lamest blog post in a while. i'm not really going to apologize... some more exciting posts are on the horizon. i mean i have a birthday coming up quickly

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a Wonderful World

Here we are, one week into the new year. and it has been fantastic so far!  Rye and I have had so many adventures already! We've been hiking, to the beach, and relaxing as a family. He even took Deezul running the other night (and i didn't even have to hint that i wanted him to take Dee). We are 7 days until Rye has a birthday, and unfortunately he will be gone for his birthday, and will probably miss mine by just a few days (super lame right!).

I'm planning a baby shower for my friend Steph. Hoping it'll be good karma and one day someone will get to throw me an awesome shower. I've been using my silhouette cameo for her invitations (IT'S AMAZING!!!!) seriously anyone that does crafting crap should own one! Santa did good on that one :)

I am thinking i'm going to grow my hair out for a while... sometimes i just feel the need for a long side braid, that i am currently unable to attain. So what out for that in the next months.

There is so much going on in the Gardiner house i don't even know how to start describing it all. Watch for some awesome updates soon!

Oh and i acquired a dresser yesterday, started sanding it today and am hoping it will be DONE by this week :)