Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cloth Diapering In Practice

So I have been researching cloth diapering for YEARS, no I'm not exaggerating. I first wanted to do it in 2008, Riley shot down that Idea... thankfully he came around once I showed him the research and the truth about how it actually works.

My total cost to this day is $320 for all the cloth diapers I have. That includes my stash of about 35-ish pocket & All in One's, 7 covers, and 30-ish prefolds (just newborn and infant size at the moment). I have only 1 snappi, but have a package of 10 in my cart on amazon right now.

The past 2 1/2 days I have put Miles in cloth during the daytime when we are downstairs. After his bedtime bath I put him in disposables for the night and until the late morning that is what he stays in. We still have lots of disposables that were given to us, no use in wasting them! I had to buy an extra pack of newborn diapers with the umbilical cord cutout, 1 package of huggies cost $13 for 60 something diapers.. .That is ridiculous! How do people afford to diaper a child?! He waits till I change him to finish pooping! So now I have to wait a good 10 minutes after the first sound to make sure he's done.

So far we have had 1 leak. And it was a user error. I did not tighten it properly, or he may still be too small for that particular one. So far it's been pretty easy! My only issue is that I can't tell when he's wet. It seems to stay the same bulkiness, and I don't want to have to test it with my finger... So I will go off and do my research for another way! I didn't think that I would like doing prefolds, but I don't mind it at all! it's nice to be able to just wipe off the cover with a wipe and stick on another pre fold, rather than have to put on a whole new diaper.

I highly recommend wet bags! I need to order a big one, but so far my little ones have worked. I'm doing my first load of dirty diapers tomorrow. I'm using Charlie's soap. I've been using it on his clothes and I really like it so far!

If you have zero interest in cloth diapering... I'm sorry for boring you with this post... but I'm sure you'll get over it! Tomorrow is my first day back working out. So I will be posting my first post-baby body picture... It won't be pretty, but it will be good for accountability!

I'll leave you with pictures of Miles in his cloth diapers. If you follow me on instagram, these may look familiar!
 This is Mr G in his first cloth diaper ever! A pre fold with a flip cover. It's a one size cover, and I was able to get 5 of these on seconds sale for I think $5 or $6 a piece. These were the first cloth diapers I purchased, so it seemed fitting to be the first I put him in! These are still a tiny bit loose around his legs, but still fit snug enough that I haven't had a leak yet.
 Mr G is sporting a prefold, and a Bee cover... I can't read the full name, it might be Bee Baby. it's a size small cover. This one worked REALLY well, and the velcro was able to be pulled super tight and it stuck to any part of the diaper which was nice seeing as it overlapped the other strap by a bit. I also got this one on zulily I believe.
 This one is not a diaper one.... This is Miles drunk on milk, and I love it!
He started screaming (for no reason I might add). So being the awesome mom I am I snapped a picture before picking him up and setting his world right again. He's wearing a MG Baby pocket diaper... I bought a few of these on zulily for I think $10, So far I love these, I've used 2 of them, they fit well and zero leaks. This one was REALLY full when I changed him since he wore it on our evening walk. So this is one I would recommend if it comes back on zulily!

Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm a Cow

This title has nothing to do with my weight... although I guess I kind of feel like that a little. I am going to attempt my first run on Monday. I have my first 5k back in a month, so I need to get back in the saddle! I don't want to end up walking the race, although I will if I have to. Which means Monday will be my first Milf Monday post. I follow another blog and she started Milf Monday, I LOVE the idea. She tracked her post baby weight loss/workout journey.

I'm sitting in bed, the blinds are open so I can see out to the awesomely stormy morning we have here. However I checked the weekend update and we won't have another rainy weekend... sad day, I do love me some rainy days. I have Deezul curled up under the blanket at my feet, and Miles curled up and drunk on milk at my side. They say that babies need to sleep on their backs, and I put him on his back repeatedly, but every time he will roll onto his side and sleep like that. He's like his mama I suppose.

My life these past three weeks has consisted solely around feeding Mr. G. I got a pump so that I could find out how my milk I had cause we were worried about his lack of weight gain for a while. The first day I got it I was skyping with Rye and mentioned I got it. He asked me if I felt like a cow. I told him a little bit. That night as I was pumping I realized... the thing sounds like it's mooing at me! So now I really feel like a cow. Rye joked that I should listen to soothing music since cows produce more milk when they listen to calming music.

Mr. G officially has moved out of newborn pjay's up to 0-3 month. I took count of how many sets he has in 0-3 months... I will be making a trip to the store today, plus all 4 or 5 that we have are snaps all the way up... I can't be dealing with snaps at 4 am feedings.... This mama needs a freakin zipper! I think I miss buttoned it 4 times last night. Nope, aint got time for that crap. I need to get more jersey to finish the rug for the nursery, and order a few canvas prints.. other than that the nursery is DONE! I will try to put up some pictures. It's pretty much awesome if I do say so myself!

Miles had some pictures taken yesterday. I've always said that I do not enjoy newborn photography. It's too time consuming and frustrating. Case in point, it took them nearly 5 hours to get all the pictures of Mr G. A girl at church is studying under another photographer and asked if Miles could model for her. Who turns down pictures?! I don't believe there is such a thing as too many pictures. I can't wait to see how they turned out, cause the few that I saw looked awesome! Next weekend I will be doing his 1 month pictures and I have a feeling it will be an all day event. Oh and this next week, Miles will be visiting the pumpkin patch for the first time!

Ok I will quit typing cause I don't want this to be another book like the last two posts.. So I will just purge 3 weeks worth of photo's for your enjoyment!

We were on our way to go drop dad off at the airport. Heartbreaking

I love this picture.. other than the demon red eyes. 

Happy Birthday Miles!

Here is the long awaited birth story, only 3 weeks later (oops). Also I apologize again for TMI... I'm going to try and recount the day moment by moment. I will start by saying that it was probably the most emotionally draining day of my entire life. There were no rainbows and fluffy bunnies... It was freakin rough.
September 5th 2012
We got the call from the hospital at 11:45 pm on the 4th. The nurse told us to be there by 1:30. So we woke up got out of bed, woke the moms up, gathered the hospital bags and loaded them in the car. We took Deezul outside to pee one last time, and tried to make sure that we had everything we would need.  Thinking back, I should have eaten something. We had dinner at 6:30, but I was so worried about not making it there by 1:30 that stopping for food wasn't even in my thoughts. Lesson learned.

1:30- Arrived at Labor & Delivery. We were told we would be in room 8. The midwife took Rye and I back so we could get settled before our moms came back. We entered the room with our bags, took one last belly picture and talked while I put on the awesomely horrid gown about how excited we were and how exciting the day was going to be.

2 am- I was laid down and given my IV. The moms joined us and we settled in for a long night/day. My nurse asked to go over my birth plan with me so she knew what expectations I had.

I have ALWAYS said that the most important thing to me was a healthy baby and delivery. So while I did have a birth plan, I saw it as more of a dream list... knowing that it would be naive to think I wouldn't have to sway from it at all. Here were the basics-

  • Pain med free
  • Delayed cord cutting
  • Skin to skin right away
  • Calm lighting 
  • limited monitoring 
  • External monitoring preferred
  • Avoid C-section
We will revisit that plan at the end of the post. 
2:20am- I had a foley bulb placed to help dilate my cervix manually. 

2:20-6ish- Contractions continued but were light enough I just had to do a little breathing. They just felt like bad menstrual cramps. We watched Princess and the frog and other movies I had packed. Riley and both our moms found places to crash out and get a few more hours of sleep. I was in and out, never fully getting to sleep. 

7AM- I was checked. The midwife said I was at 4cm still 80%. The foley bulb came out and she talked to me about breaking my water to really get things going. This is something I had wanted to avoid, but it wasn't UBER important to me. I agreed that we get the show on the road. Holy crap, that hurt. I was told it doesn't really hurt... ya well it did for me! She told me from this point on they expected me to progress approx 1 cm an hour, give or take. 

Contractions got real after my water was broken. I started having to breath and focus during these. The tiles above me had fish carved into them. So each contraction I would count the bubbles on the tiles until the contraction was over. This worked. I was able to breath through them, no big deal. 

8:30AM- Miles started showing the first signs of distress. His heart rate would drop after each contraction. I lay in the bed, trying to focus on breathing through contractions but also worrying that each contraction brought the possibility of Miles heart rate dropping again. 

10AM- Nurse made a bet with me that I would give birth before lunch and would finally be able to eat. The Midwife checked me, I had only progressed to 5cm. The worrying thing was that I had lost my focus during contractions because everyone was buzzing around trying to keep Miles out of distress. Every contraction everyone stared at the monitor. She told me that at this point if I wanted to avoid a C-section she highly recommended I get an epidural so that my body relaxed as much as possible, and hopefully would relax Miles as well. 
She left so we could talk about it. I had a meltdown. I felt like I was handling labor like a champ. I was breathing and felt like I was doing ok. I mean I wasn't singing or anything but I was doing ok. This was the one HUGE thing I had planned to avoid, and it felt like it was being ripped away from me. The second she had walked out to let us decide, my focus was COMPLETELY gone... and I was suddenly in a lot of pain with every contraction. Rye and I talked through it, I already knew my answer would be yes. I was worrying already about Miles, and would do anything to try and ensure that he not be put under any more stress than he had to. Crying and in pain I looked to Riley, tears in his eyes and a look that I don't see on his face often... He was having a tough time. I'm usually the strong one in our relationship. When things get hard, I put on a brave face. So when I am the opposite of tough, he struggles to have to sit and watch, unable to do anything about it. We had a few tear filled moments before the doc came in to stick a huge needle in my back. After having what felt like acid being injected into my back I was laid back down and put back on the monitors. 

At this point they decided that since I could not feel anything that they would put in an internal monitor so they could up my pitocin level to get things moving. The worlds most glorious nurse came in with two otter pops and let me enjoy some heaven on earth! 

10-5- My contractions continued, we continued to watch Miles HR drop drastically with every contraction. multiple times they would start to lose his HR and they would have to quickly flip me to one side or the other to try and get his HR back up. Rather than relaxing I was worried, really worried. It didn't seem normal the amount of distress he was in. I kept praying that when she came to check me at 5 that I would be close to done so we could get him out of there. At about 4 it was just Riley, Shaunci and I in the room we were talking when suddenly we lost Miles HR almost completely. I watched the horror on Rileys face as he threw himself over me to reach the nurses button to push it. not a second later we had the nurse run into our room... This was NOT turning out to be the magical event I was hoping for. At this time I was put on oxygen (I don't remember what this was for)

5PM- Midwife came in to check me. We were hoping I would at least be at an 8. She checked me, double checked with the nurse what I had been at 10, and then looked at me grimly to inform me that in 7 hours, I had not progressed at all. Normally this would not be a problem, they would just let me labor it out. But our little guy was already not doing well, So she was getting worried. He was falling into distress more often and they were worried that the cord was wrapped around his neck. She ordered that they put a catheter into my uterus to refill it with liquid so that hopefully the cord wouldn't be so tight. She told me at this point she would have to turn me over to the OB's because if I didn't progress by 7PM I would need to do a C-Section, or Miles would be in trouble. I asked for ice chips, but was denied since they all thought I'd be going in for surgery in a short time.

At this point there was a lot of praying going on. I came to the conclusion that if I had not progressed when they came back that I was supposed to have a C-Section. I had 2 hours to come to terms with this and be totally ok with this outcome. The closer the clock got to 7, the more convinced I was that the doc would come in and tell me I had not progressed. They had to take me off the pitocin during this time to try and keep Miles stable. Which meant any contractions I was having were all me. according to the monitor they were not strong enough to cause progression. Which mean I would still be at 5 cm and would be going in for a C-section. 

6pm- I started shivering uncontrollably. They took my temp, I usually run a little cold 97.4 to be exact. At this time I was up to 99

7:30PM- The doc finally rolled in to check me. He looked uneasy and asked the nurse twice what I had been at before. At this point the suspense was killing me, he looked dumbfounded. So I asked the question that everyone was thinking "Did it shrink?!" He looked at me startled and said "No, actually you are at an 8 now, and 100% effaced." WHAT?!?! we had progression!!! 

The nurse checked my monitors at this point and found that one of them was not reading correctly which is why it looked as though the contractions were not strong enough to cause progression. I felt hopeful at this point. I was almost there. And I was going to avoid surgery! My temp at this point was up at 100.4

8:45 pm- The doc came back in to check. I was 10cm and 100%... I was ready to push whenever! We started preparing to start the pushing process. My temp at this point was 101.0. They realized at this point that at some time during the day I had gotten an infection. I would need some tylenol before pushing. The nurse told me she was worried about giving it to me orally cause I would likely throw it up while pushing, and that she wanted to administer it the uhhhh other way. I quickly bartered with her that if she would allow me some ice chips that I would allow her to put tylenol where the sun don't shine. That ice was totally worth it. 

9:05PM- I started pushing, I announced to the room that I was not doing this for more than an hour, and I fully intended on giving birth by 10:05. Pushing is tough, so tough that I made myself dry heave at one point. I probably would have thrown up had I had ANYTHING in my stomach! I pushed like a freaking champ. I didn't care if I crapped on the table, I was going to get that kid out of there! Because of my temperature I was told that he would have to be checked out by the pediatricians and if he had the infection he would have to be taken to the NICU right after birth.

10:00pm- I told everyone that I only had 5 minutes on my clock left and I better get to it. The next part is kind of a blur to me. It had just been the 2 nurses in with us, but all of a sudden about 5 doctors came in followed by 13 more. Something had happened with Miles and they needed to get him out NOW. They were prepping the OR for an emergency C-Section for me but said we'd give it one last ditch effort. I was given the choice of the vacuum or the forceps. I chose the vacuum, I was told we had 3 pushes to get him out or I would be wheeled into the OR. I already had been told by the nurses that I had torn... I'd be damned if I was going to tear AND have to go in for surgery. I was going to push like crazy and I WOULD get him out in those 3 pushes

10:14PM- Almost there

10:16PM- Out popped my little cone headed alien child, cord snuggly around his neck. The cord was cut and he was walked to the other side of the room so they could check him out and make sure he was ok. 

I was in shock. And not the "Oh my gosh I'm a mom and he's amazing" kind of shock. Nope this was the "My body just went through a trauma and I am trying to cope" kind of shock. My shivering continued. I knew that my baby was a few feet away, but honestly couldn't even think about him. I felt awful. something did not feel right. I heard from the other side of the room that he was 8'4 and my mom saying something about how he received a B on his apgar (I think he got 8 out of 10). I did not feel like a champion. I felt like I was laying on the mat with Muhammad Ali prancing above my head. They started on my stitches which took nearly an hour and a half

I was told that I was going to be able to get skin to skin for a few minutes before he would be taken to the NICU, and that Rye would be able to go with him to the NICU. 

I held my baby boy on my chest, I tried to enjoy the moment... and it felt wrong to have to TRY and enjoy that moment. My shoulders were screaming in pain from hours of having to hold them in weird positions trying to keep Miles out of distress. I was shivering an abnormal amount. When I was done holding him, I let the grandma's and Shaunci get a chance. I remember watching them hold my son, and wondering what was wrong with me that I was willing to let him go when I JUST got him. 

11:30 -ish Shaunci and our moms got ready to head out, Riley was heading down to the NICU so the excitement would soon be over. Rye was told that I would be RIGHT down to my room and I would meet him there. The room emptied and soon it was just the nurse and I. She checked my temp again, it was up to 102. I kind of blacked out and when I woke back up she was hooking me back up to another bag of fluids and putting in another catheter. She told me that after my fever spiked, my blood pressure dropped from 120/70 down to 90/50 and my pulse jumped up to 130 while I was asleep. This meant the infection was worse than they thought. I would be kept in the room longer to try and get rid of it as quickly as possible. 

3AM- I was finally done with the infection, and was able to be wheeled down to my room. She opened the door and there was Riley and Miles. And all the love and affection I had some how been cheated out of came pouring out. He was amazing! I felt a wave of relief that I wasn't cold hearted right after birth.. I was just REALLY sick. Pretty much dying (do you hear my over dramatic tone there?)

I asked Rye how long they had been waiting for me. The poor guy informed me that there was another really sick baby in the NICU so he was not able to accompany Miles. They sent him to my room to wait. That was at like 12. Miles showed up 5 minutes before I did... And Rye was not given an update on either of us that entire time. All he knew was that his wife was upstairs sick, and his son was down the hall being assessed. I would have lost my freaking mind if I was him!

So if you look back up to my birth plan. I think the ONLY thing I was able to accomplish on there was that I wanted to be able to give birth vaginally.. and I only BARELY made it out with that one intact!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Anticipation

These blog posts have been half written for the last 3 weeks... I apologize for that. they are super long and I'm sure contain too much information for most people. I'm using this more for journalistic purposes... So stay with me kids!

Thursday Aug 30~ My appt at the midwives went well, They did my only cervical check of the pregnancy. I was dilated to nearly 2cm and 50% effaced. They did a sweep HOPING it would throw me into labor in the next 24 hours so that Riley would JUST be arriving in time for the birth. My midwife wanted to set Tuesday as an induction date ONLY because Rye would be home for such a short time she wanted to make sure he was here for it. My plan this entire pregnancy was to avoid being induced and to go all natural (no drugs or interventions). The first one kind of went out the window when I learned Riley would be able to come home for my due date. In my mind the worst thing would be for Rye to be here, and STILL miss the birth of his son. OR just be here for a day after. I wanted him to have as much bonding time as possible. So I made the decision along with the midwife that being induced would be a good plan for us. I was still determined to evict this child on my own and was going to do EVERYTHING in my power to get him out before they induced me!

Friday Aug 31~ I got up early, primped, did my hair and make up and anxiously awaited 9 am so I could drive over the the Honolulu airport and pick up my husband. I hadn't seen him in 12 weeks, and instantly we fell right back where we left off. This is one of my favorite things about our relationship, there is hardly an adjustment period when he returns. My mom arrived a few hours later, after picking her up we ran over to do packet pick up for one of the 2 races Riley was going to be running on his R&R. After a few more errands we headed back home to kind of relax for the remainder of the day. The eviction process would begin first thing in the morning!

Saturday Sept 1~ We started the day and weekend with a hike up to the Mokapu'u lighthouse. We went at a normal pace... ok maybe slightly slower than my normal pace, but still not super duper slow! We only stopped a handful of times for me to catch my breath, or breath through a contraction. My mom had never done this hike so it was nice to feel like I wasn't wasting her entire trip on baby stuff... I know if I went to Hawaii on Vaca I would want to do a few fun things! The rest of the day was pretty much spent relaxing since they were both still pretty jet lagged...
Riley and my mom at the halfway point

I made it to the top! 

My mom at the top. Doesn't she look fantastic, she has lost over 40 lbs in like 6 months!
Sunday Sept 2nd~ This day started EARLY. We set alarms for 4AM and were out the door by 4:30. We arrived at the race location about 30 minutes prior to race time. Rye got his chip and lined up for the start. He had asked me a few weeks before he came back to go by him a new black running shirt, and with my Silhouette use the iron on transfer material and make him a Jaxon WILL Wynn shirt. Since as you all know, Jaxon is out of remission and back in the battle. The shirt turned out awesome... But Rye won't run in it again because I didn't get the right shirt material so this one causes nipple chafage (NO GOOD!) After the run we headed home, worked on some stuff around the house, and ended the day with a nice walk with Deezul down to the beach. My mom was still super jet lagged and ended up crashing on the couch at about 7-ish.

Monday Sept 3~DUE DATE!!! I was hoping and praying that Miles would make his debut. I wanted nothing more than to be interrupted in whatever we were doing by my water suddenly breaking (you know, movie style.) Rye and I woke up at 5 AM. The plan had been for him to go pick up his mom by himself, however after not seeing me for 12 weeks... He didn't want to leave me again (That is my explanation at least). When we got the text that his mom had landed we headed out to go get her. We picked her up and on the way back to the house we tried to get breakfast at like 5 places that weren't open either due to the time or the holiday.. So we settled for McDonalds(Lame RIGHT!) We got back to the house and all got ready for a day at North Shore. We piled in the car and drove the nice scenic route to North Shore. By the time we got up there it was lunch time. We found one of the many little shacks and grabbed some grub. The coconut macadamia nut shrimp was FANTASTIC! We ran into a family there that my mom noticed one of the daughters was wearing a Lehi High shirt, so she started a conversation. Most were from Lehi, the others were from St George (It's a small world I tell ya!) Now fed I was happy enough I could enjoy the beach. My mom and Rye went out snorkeling while Shellee and I fought the current with our rafts closer to shore. Sad to say there was NO BABY on this Labor day.

Tuesday Sept 4th~ Induction day! I was told to call the hospital at 7am and receive a time to come in and be induced. So naturally I woke up at like 5:30, took my straightener downstairs and curled my hair in the downstairs bathroom while chatting with my mom and staring at the clock. 7 rolled around and I called the hospital, I was told that I would have to wait until the afternoon and call back again. I was then asked a bunch of questions, upon my answering I was told I should come in to be checked out. So around 9 we headed over to the hospital just to be checked out and make sure that my water had not broken. We waited for a bit, were taken back, I was checked out and told I was Dilated to a good 2 and was now 80% effaced, but NOT leaking fluid. I was sent home with instructions from the midwife to call every 2 hours and see if they had a bed for me. At 7pm the nurse on call called me and asked if I wanted to be put on the middle of the night list JUST INCASE a bed became available. She told me it was highly unlikely as they were crazy busy, but that crazier things had happened. Of course! However Rye and I are very rational and knew that we would not be getting a call to go have a baby. We all went to bed after I apologized to everyone for wasting the entire day pretty much sitting on the couch WAITING for a call that never came. 8:30 we were asleep... At 11:45pm my phone rang.