Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Bump

So I am not wanting to put these pictures on facebook, because i don't really want my facebook to become the typical "the baby __________" "oh the baby!" Those were the status' i HATED to see when we were having troubles, and i feel it a bit hypocritical to do the same to so many others that have messaged me privately letting me know that alot of them are going through similar struggles.

Tomorrow morning i will be 16 weeks pregnant! seriously this has been nothing but a joy for me! i wake up everyday smiling at the thought that i am STILL pregnant :) After learning that it's Miles cooking in there, it seems more real. we have baby clothes, and a play pen already... i ordered my first order of cloth diapers (which i HOPE will arrive this week) and we have alot of bigger items picked out if not priced.

I had a total breakdown this week when i realized my pants don't fit... there were some tears involved, followed by Rye telling me to calm down cause we would go get some for me. I got these AWESOME shorts that feel like heaven (and for $30 they BETTER!) I am starting to feel like i kinda look pregnant... i figure that starts to happen as random strangers ask about your pregnancy (isn't that still something that is NOT ok in society?! they are freaking lucky i AM pregnant :) )

So here are my 16 week baby bump pictures... please disregard my complete lack of makeup... and possibly some mascara under my eyes... it's the look i am rockin this sunday :)

and because Deezul is a picture whore and CANNOT just let the picture happen without intervening... this little gem
here is a sort of comparison picture from the beginning of December (i was on fertility meds at the time)

i technically weighed 10lbs more then... crazy how this pregnancy has affected my weight vs how i look... 

I will update on our awesome weekend a little later! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It was so strange laying on that bed yesterday, spying on our kiddo. Watching what goes on in there was odd... especially since for the most part, i haven't felt any of it. We are not surprised. I think we both knew and expected for her to tell us we were having a boy. I've been calling him a He for weeks now. I started second guessing myself like a week ago, but i should have just trusted my instincts. This post isn't really gonna be too wordy, i just wanted to share some pictures of our little guy. So meet Miles, i adore him already. Keep growing buddy!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Can't Sleep!!

These past 2-ish weeks have been pretty uneventful... We bought Deezul what we are calling his snuggee at petco. I have NEVER met a dog you LOVED wearing clothes... you put Dee in his pjays or his new snuggee and he will curl up and fall RIGHT asleep. we decided it keeps him much warmer at night so he sleeps better.

The grocery store is still a nightmare for me. My morning sickness either causes me to dry heave in every aisle or I leave with a random assortment of cravings. I am SO grateful that i have for the most part been able to eat and crave healthIER foods. i'm not saying i'm eating totally healthy (cause i'm not)... but i did leave the store yesterday with plenty of apples and some caramel dipping cups.

I am still not gaining weight... i'm still down about 10lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight... well 9.4lbs down today but i've been fluctuating depending on water weight is my guess. I know that at this point i should be up nearly 3-5 lbs. I am NOT worried and my midwife is not either... i am not TRYING to restrict calories... but with this lingering morning sickness it's a battle to keep food down. like i said i talked to my midwife and was told not to worry that i'm doing just fine. I do weigh myself almost daily because i want to remain accountable during this whole pregnancy... I am planning on a half marathon about 6 months post baby, so that means i will have a good deal of work to do once baby G gets here. I plan on continuing blogging about getting back in shape after all this... and know i have my work cut out for me.

Last night i could not sleep at ALL it was like Christmas eve... i was simply too excited for today! in about 2 hours Rye and I will be heading out for an ultrasound to let us know if baby G is a He or a She :) Then we are planning on celebrating and doing a bit of shopping afterwards... we are both SOOO excited!!! we don't care what gender baby G is, i mean it would be GREAT to have the first Girl grandchild on both sides but a boy would be such a blast! honestly the suspense is killing me. I know i know i'm only 15 weeks... and some people don't find out until birth.. but we've been trying for this baby for 4 years!! i feel like i've been waiting FOREVER to know anything about them, and to get this opportunity.

and p.s. the reason we are going to find out early is because Rye is going to be away when i have my 20 week, and we would both like for him to get to experience this all!

Stay tuned for exciting news!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thunder, or Crappy Neighbors

We've had some insane storms here lately. at 3:30 the other morning Rye and I were awoken by seriously AWESOME thunder... so last night when my room started rumbling at 11pm, i woke up excited that i was going to get to enjoy the thunder again.... ya it was my crappy upstairs neighbors screaming and i assume throwing furniture. If the number for the military police wasn't on my fridge... i would have called on them... it went on until midnight and i have HAD IT!!! i really just want to give her a huge finger when i move out (i think you know which finger)

on a BRIGHTER note... i am 14 weeks this week... there were ALOT of times i never thought we'd get to this point... i also didn't plan on still puking at this point... but here we are... still puking away :)

oh and Riley's pre-deployment leave starts today, i can't wait to see what adventures we will have :) STAY TUNED!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

I Appreciate

In the Gardiner home there are constant jokes at each others expense, little jabs and such. we are best friends and talk to each other like we would any of our other friends....  However, sometimes "did you brush your teeth today" is NOT what i want to hear...

Right around the new year, Riley and I were chilling with our friend Jon on our couch. Rye and Jon were making fun of me for something. I turned to Rye and said "There have been alot of mean things said.. i think we should all say something we appreciate about the other." Rye looked at me with this sly smile and without hesitation said "i appreciate that you are carrying my child" (keep in mind not a soul knew that we were pregnant yet) we both kind of looked over at Jon and i can't even describe the look on his face.

And that is how the "I appreciate" game was formed. every few days or so, Riley or I will come out and say "i appreciate............." it's not always silly, and it's not always serious... it depends on the mood of the house. A few days ago i walked in on Riley telling Deezul what he appreciated about him. It has honestly changed the overall temperature of the house and our relationship. like i said, he's my best friend, and i can take a joke at my expense... but everyone likes to be appreciated from time to time.

I Appreciate is a common phrase in The G house now, and it has done WONDERS. It is something that i am glad our child will be brought into... a home where "mom and dad" are not shy about openly appreciating each other. I appreciate when Rye allows this poor pregnant girl to pee first... when he needs to go much more than i do. He appreciates that i share my gingerale, or when i fix the sheets on HIS side of the bed, cause honestly what does he do in the night to make them come off EVERY night.

Try it out. make it light hearted, it doesn't have to be a "YOU WILL TELL ME WHAT YOU APPRECIATE RIGHT NOW"... i promise within the first few times you will get that feeling of appreciation that sometimes we lack.

"Thanks for breakfast" doesn't have the same ring as "i appreciate that you made me breakfast today"