Saturday, November 22, 2008


So Riley and I have decided to get sealed in the Rome temple that is currently being built. We had always agreed that we would be sealed in the San Diego temple because that was like his childhood dream temple. And i agreed because i had never felt a particular pull towards a certain temple. but then whilst i was watching G.C. (General Conference) i remember him announcing the temples and that has never been an exciting thing for me... probably because i had never felt the excitement of knowing that one temple was meant for you to go to. And then he announced that there will be a Rome, Italy Temple. And in that moment i felt a pull that i had never felt before. And i think i realized that's why we hadn't made plans to go to San Diego yet because we were MEANT to go to Rome. So i Called my wonderful husband and informed him of my little epiphany. and while i thought he was going to think it a joke, he didn't. Because i think that as soon as i said it he felt a similar pull. So...... we're going to the Temple... as soon as it's built. i've already informed the parental units so that they can save up for the trip if they wish to go. and i've picked out my wedding dress, so now we just save, plan, and wait. I always told Lauren's family that i was going to hold out for the church to build a temple on the nile river in egypt, A Temple Boat, as i so smartly put it.... so as this is a bit of a step down from that, and although i'm a little upset that the church didn't take my suggestions as seriously as i would have liked, i couldn't be more excited. And of course you can't go to Rome without being able to speak Italian... so we have started learning Italian.... I KNOW... COOL HUH!