Sunday, August 26, 2012


1 week left! That's it!!! I'm 39 weeks, woohoo!!!! I only have to hold on a few more days and then Rye will be able to be here for the debut of MR G. These past 2 weeks have been a lot of "Oh no is this it?!" So let's get on with it, here is the random list of stuff you probably don't care about, but It'll be nice for me to have it written down for later!

  • Weight- I'm up 15 lbs from my original- yup I'm pretty awesome. This means I'm 25 up from my lowest (end of 1st tri because of sickness)
  • Swelling- As long as I'm not on my feet for hours and hours at a time, I really don't swell that much!
  • I get up between 2-6 times throughout the night for bathroom breaks. 
  • Stretch marks- We're not going to talk about this. they are there. However the expensive stuff I have to prevent or minimize seem to be minimizing as much as possible :)
  • Contractions- I didn't realize that I would be having the super fun cramps that every girl is so familiar with... As far as real contractions... I get 1 or 2 a day at this point. Some days I do have an hour or so with more, but nothing serious.
  • Appetite- This is back with a vengeance since I was sick for so long I think my body felt cheated of the whole "eating for two" thing.
  • Exhaustion- I cannot go a day without a nap. On top of that I have to sit down and rest after about an hour of doing anything. 
  • Nesting- Yup I fully believe in the powers of nesting. Usually late at night I get this burst of energy and urge to clean everything! 
  • Deezul- is needy as ever! He has been so clingy it makes me worry that I'm about to go into labor at any moment. 
  • Waddle- Yup, I waddle and I'll admit it! But I waddle worse when I have to pee really bad.. other than that I do ok.
  • Dreams- You should see what goes on in my mind during the night... Holy cow, it's pretty insane and messed up most nights! 
The full moon is coming up on Friday... So lets pray that the old wives tale is correct and Miles will make his debut on Friday! Stay tuned for that one! 

Crazy to think that soon I will be doing Post baby weight loss posts. I am pretty excited about the things that are to come! So here we are, my 39 week picture!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

36 Week Update!

My midwife has told me that if I went into labor at this point, They would not stop it. So I am concentrating on keeping this kid in for a few more weeks until Rye can get back here! Riley is getting excited, he told me last night he is having trouble sleeping cause he is so excited. I on the other hand am stressing out and am soaking up my last few weeks being child free.

So that being said here is my random list of pregnancy crap!

  • Deezul no longer hates my belly. He sees it as a nice shelf to lay his head on and stare at me to beg for food. 
  • I've had MAYBE 1-2 contractions every few days (so nothing big there)
  • My feet are a little swollen, and are in DIRE need of a pedicure (that is coming soon!)
  • Even if the tub is full, my belly does not fit under the water at all.
  • My maternity shirts still cover my belly...... Sometimes.
  • The nursery is getting close to being done!
  • Morning sickness is gone (Here's to hoping it NEVER returns)
  • A nap is usually needed, but energy levels are still alright. 
  • I'm officially up 10 lbs from my starting weight, or 20lbs from my lowest weight (from morning sickness) PERFECT! I'm expecting to gain about 5 more, and I'm happy with this number!
  • I'm going to have a kid within the next month (HOLY CRAP!)
So here are my pictures so you can mock me :) 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

4AM Sprite Craving

For the first time in weeks yesterday I got a soda, and since it had been so long the burning was almost a new sensation. So after having the one, I decided that a 2 liter wasn't a terrible idea(keep in mind this is NOT a normal occurrence). SO GLAD I did this, because it is 4 in the morning and I woke up NEEDING a soda. I love when I crave something that is so simple to give in to! Not like my other cravings that just go unsatisfied. I have been craving ice cream for about 2 weeks now. But I don't want to be THAT pregnant girl that walks into a cold stone by myself... Even I would judge me. And last night I did finally get wings after craving them for a good 3 weeks.

Yesterday was one of those days when you have a bunch of errands to run and have to purchase a lot... and you feel like you were just out throwing money around. Not easy for me to do! however I now feel confident that I have almost everything I need for when Miles makes his debut. Rye's parents just ordered us the carseat we wanted last night so I just have to wait for that to show up, I ordered the crib yesterday. Since we are on an Island it will be here in 2-3 weeks. Which is totally fine since for the first few weeks he'll be in our room (ONLY until he is sleeping 4 hours at a time... that's the plan). My mom is making all the nursery bedding and the curtains (SO excited for that. My mom can sew!) We picked out the material when I was in Utah, and I kind of explained what I was thinking, showed her a few pictures and she ran with it. I can't wait to get that here so I can put up a gabillion pictures!

Have I said yet that I am grateful that it is August! So much happens this month. Including our 6th anniversary. Of course we will end this month with Rye getting to come home for a very short trip to see his favorite girl, and so we can welcome our little guy here together. He'll only be here for 2 weeks, then he will return to finish his deployment. But I am beyond grateful that they are allowing him to be here.

Well now that my sierra mist is nearly gone, I'm going to try and get another hour of sleep before getting up for the first day of preschool.