Monday, August 26, 2013

Miles First Party

So while Mr. G is not a year for another week and a half, we decided to have his party early since Riley was supposed to be gone. Thankfully he ended up not going, but the party went on non the less! So now I'm just going to regurgitate pictures from the party, maybe with a few words here and there. I blew up ALL the balloons (you can't see them all but there were over 60) and was extremely light headed by the end. DIY party decorations are no joke! It was a lot of fun and I feel so blessed that we had so many people here to celebrate little man's first year around. He has so much love in his life even though we are so far away from family. here's to a hundred more years with our little guy!

He did not smile ONCE during his party... 

This is Riley with TJ, Will and Jon is photo bombing 

This was a guava, lime chiffon cake. I've never made a cake from scratch,  I would give this a B.

Deezul cleaning up :)

Miles playing with his new toys with Zeke

A new xylophone with his bubble machine going 


Friday, August 9, 2013

What Happened Here?

I don't know when it happened or exactly how... but somehow I went from posting on my blog multiple times a week... to NADA for like FOUR months, what the heck?! I really love my blog, and every time I read someone else's blog it makes me sad that I haven't posted. I'm hoping I can get back into it!

Well Mr. G is 11 months old. I do not know where this last year has gone. Riley says it on nearly a nightly basis that our life would not be complete without him. He makes EVERYTHING so much more fun! Months ago it took a LOT of effort to get that kid to smile let alone laugh. Last night he was almost crying he was laughing so hard from giving Deezul hugs around the neck.

Lately my days have been filled with entertaining Miles and trying to live a healthier life. I took a little break from working out after my half marathon... I think I needed a break, but it was far too long. I finally found a workout I am extremely passionate about... I've seen results already in less than 2 weeks. It feels amazing to be back on a schedule! I started coaching for beachbody in May, So far it has been an incredible experience. I've met so many new people. One woman started at 485, and just this last week made it into the 300's. Some don't have as much to lose, some just want to tone up. I feel right with them though, I am talking to people with healthy habits and when you surround yourself with healthy people, it rubs off on you. I've been posting a lot on my Mile by Miles page on facebook, which is probably one reason I have neglected this blog... Boooo on me!

Riley is gearing up for another deployment... Seriously?! Thankfully this is the LAST one! We are starting to plan for our life AFTER this Marine Corps adventure. Starting over seems terrifying, I am extremely nervous about it. I know if we pray about it and follow the inspiration we are given that things will work out.

I hope you are all doing well. I'm so glad to be back on here!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh my Craft (Oh My Crap is more like it!)

So I ordered some vinyl from on Dec 19th, it was an AMAZING deal, and so while I had ordered a few times and once before been irritated by the order taking too long, I decided that the deal was good enough to chance it. WRONG CHOICE! So they took the $40 out of my bank account on Dec 19th 2012, and as of now (4 months later) I still have YET to get any part of my order. They have not updated me, unless I e-mail them asking for an update. When I do this I get the EXACT same response every time (I'm talking word for word here). So I had someone(not naming names) attempt to call them for me, because I am a total pansy and probably would have accepted their ridiculous excuses rather than make a big deal. ANYWAY, she went to call them today (second attempt) it was only and hour or so after they claim to be open. It went straight to some generic voice message... You don't even have the option to leave a message to get a call back. Seriously?

Oh it's on. I'm getting my freaking vinyl.

Stay tuned.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Stakes Were High

I signed up and paid for my Disney Princess half marathon when I was 7 months pregnant. I had NEVER ran further than 8 miles (and I walked the last 2 miles of that). I had a plan. I would have a super easy birth (HA) and I would be off the couch, out of the house and running within 3 or 4 weeks. I was sure that 5 months was PLENTY of time to train my postpartum body for 13.1 miles... Easy peasy! I was excited to prove to myself and everyone how awesome I was... Pretty high expectations there.

At 3 1/2 weeks postpartum I took Miles out in the Bob stroller and went 2 miles... It was a VERY slow 2 miles, mostly walking... Took me the better part of an hour. I put up a picture or status after that first run and could not believe the out pouring of love and support I had from so many friends and family members. I had put SO much pressure on myself to be one of those success stories I had read so much of. I absolutely LOVE transformation stories, and was so motivated by all these mama's who had babies and looked FANTASTIC!

I put more pressure on myself the closer I got to the big race. I remember starting the half marathon and as miserable as I was.. I was SO relieved to finally be I guess finishing what I had started 7 months prior when I paid for this. I cried tears of joy at the finish line, SO many emotions. I was NOT near this emotional before Mr. G. Now I cry even at the thought of the amazing things that my body has done for me.

I got home and still felt the post race high. You feel on top of the world, and you are SURE that everyone is just in awe of you.... ya... my post race high is pretty ridiculously cocky.... It's a weakness, and I have been humbled greatly, so hopefully this will improve. I waited 5 days to run (WHAT?! WHY THE HECK DID I ONLY WAIT 5 DAYS?!?!) Ya, I did not listen to my body at ALL. In my mind, I couldn't let everyone who had cheered me on down. They would all be disappointed if I quit. I couldn't just get to the "top" and then quit. What would people think of me? Yes, that was my main focus... horrible. I was humbled on that first run after the race. I hurt myself pretty bad and couldn't walk for a few days. My body BADLY needed a break! I continued to push myself and do insanity a few times a week... and then it happened...

I crashed! The only way I can think to compare it to is a sugar rush. I was like a kid who had milkshakes and pancakes for breakfast, I was bouncing off the walls for 5 months, Then suddenly the sugar was gone and I crashed... hard. I had ZERO motivation to continue. I knew it was just going to be a phase, but that my body hadn't stopped going since I gave birth.

So I have spent the past few weeks making not so great choices food wise compared to how I normally eat. I haven't really worked out... I've just been "resting"... But I finally feel like my body feels like it got the spring break it needed. I am SO ready to get back in the game full force!

I am LOVING being a beach body coach so far! I completed the challenge group I was in and am ready to start my own (one that I don't have to share with training for a ginormous race) It was a little discouraging when I weighed myself after the 2 month challenge and had not lost any pounds... But then I took the measurements I had lost 7 inches! Being a nursing mom I went into the whole thing knowing that I could not focus on pounds and had to just go in with the goal of toning and improving my overall fitness.
I'm trying to remember to be proud of myself for every step that I take to becoming who I ultimately want to be. I am so excited to get back to running longer! I'm also going to try out this boxing studio and will be ordering combat to try out that program!

In case you want to look into any fun beachbody stuff, here's my LINK!

Monday, April 8, 2013

These Hands

I've always disliked the way that my hands look. Short fat fingers, a pudgy thumb base in my palm, and of course gross nails bit as close to the cuticle as possible.

My view on my hands has taken a dramatic turn. Tonight as I leaned over the edge of the crib and calmed my crying child with just the simple touch through his hair, I took a good look at my hands and thought about how incredible they really are. I use them for numerous tasks every single day.

  • Taking foreign objects out of Miles' mouth
  • Signing to Miles so he learns to communicate
  • Picking my son up
  • Cradling him as he nurses late at night or early in the morning. 
The list could continue for ever. My point is, I never thought of my hands as the "mother" type of hands. But as I stroked Miles' head trying to calm him back to sleep, I noticed that my fingers were slighter than they used to be. My nails are long and healthy after a few years of letting them grow without my teeth destroying them. My hands may not be "dainty" however they are strong in only a way that becoming a mom could have made me realize. 


Mister G officially has 2 teeth! I would include a picture, but try to get him to show you and he will stick his tongue out, so.. no picture.

He's crawling all over the house, which means the day I have dreaded for months has arrived... He has discovered the dog food in the dining room. I had a bunch of pins on pinterest on ways to lift Deezuls bowls up off the floor. But here's the problem. I moved Deezul's dog bed out of the living room a while ago because of all the baby crap taking up the whole space. That is what started Deezul's anorexic spiral. And seeing as how I am just barely getting my old dog back after battling months of puppy depression I don't want to ruffle any feathers by messing with his food. Any advice?

We were able to get Riley home for 9 days (ridiculously short I know!)
 He made sure to do some super manly things with Miles.
 We celebrated Easter a week early. Miles LOVED his loot from the bunny. Rye had a blast helping the bunny figure out what he would enjoy.
 Tigger towel was all dad :)
 We went out to dinner with good friends (This is Miles with the Godfathers)

 We drove up to north shore and watched the sun set over the waters of Waimea as a family.
 Seriously look at that grin! This kid is so in love with his dad it's not even funny!
 Miles soaks up screen time with dad
 I really love these boys.
He loves to lay his head on Riley's shoulder (He pretty much NEVER does this with me)

9 days seemed to go by so fast, but we also fit SO much into 9 days it seemed to last far longer than that.

Miles was teething the whole time Riley was home so he got to be up multiple times a night with us. He is so incredibly patient at 3am... I'm not as much. I just want to give him the boob and shut him up so I can zombie walk back to my room and concentrate on not falling down the staircase on my way past it (seriously think about that every night). Riley would so calmly take the not hungry but screaming Miles in his arms, head down the stairs and out the front door. He would either walk down the block with him. or once we put him in the stroller, put the leash on Deezul and we went on a 2 mile walk around base at 3am.

Miles is so incredibly lucky to have a dad who openly admits that his entire world revolves around his family. He has never been ashamed to be a family man. I love that Miles will grow up with his dad as his role model. There is the quote "The greatest thing a father can do for his children, is to love their Mother" Riley is a fantastic dad and the most loving husband a girl could ask for.

We miss him every minute that he is not home (especially the days when Mister G refuses to nap)

Soon he will be back with us. I feel as though lately I have been in a constant state of counting down. I want to enjoy my husband without an expiration date right in front of us. I'm ready to go out with our little family and explore more of this amazing Island. I've got my list of hikes ready to go!

Monday, March 4, 2013

I've Been A Terrible Blogger Lately!

I'm sorry to the 3.2 people out there who actually read my blog. I've been a totally awful blogger. Miles is up before 6am and by the time I get him down at night I either A. do chores and work crap or B. relax on the couch.... B happens more than A.

Well I am back from my first EVER half marathon! I am so happy that I can say it's over!!! I was really proud of how I did, I ran the entire thing minus the .5 miles I had to walk before I was able to cover my whole body in biofreeze. I would write out my entire travel story but I just don't know that I want to relive that horrible part of my life again!

Miles turns 6 months old tomorrow night! How crazy is that?? He's also no officially crawling... FORWARD, I continue to fall more in love with that kid. He makes me laugh so hard pretty much every day. WARNING: This may turn into a Miles picture overload post.
Seriously, Check out those blue eyes! I'm so jealous of his eyes. That kid is going to break some hearts.

He's mobile.... Heaven help me :)

So I dressed him for church yesterday... and then laughed for a good 4 minutes at his outfit. He saw me laughing and started giggling.... Also ignore my jeans in the background, I take them off pretty much as soon as I walk in the door... Which is why they are lying about 1 1/2 feet from the front door :)

He has fallen in LOVE with the bath! He loves to just lay and splash! He is so good at rolling now that he flips onto his belly, which of course meant that he has now gotten his first mouthful of bathwater... yum

He loves sitting at chairs and doing what I am doing

Friday, February 1, 2013

What I Am Up To

You read it right! I have decided to become a beach body coach. Hopefully I will be able to help people on my way to hitting my goals.

I'm in a challenge group starting on Monday. It is 60 days and I plan to share my results at the end of the 60 days :) So stay tuned. I will let you know how it is going along the way. I'm sure I will be pleased with the whole thing!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stain Remover

Ok, So I bought something online like 2 weeks ago and was pretty excited to try it... I was SO pleased with how it worked I decided to go ahead and blog about it :)
This bad boy is FANTASTIC! Wanna see it in action? good.

So if you cloth diaper you probably know all about staining... it's pretty gross. Sorry if this is TMI but Miles has some BRIGHT yellow poo... It's the strangest thing. anyway, here are just some before and afters!

All I did was wet the diaper, rub the stick on the wet diaper and then lather it in my hand. I could watch the stain come out, after rinsing it well I put it out on the line to get some sun. After an HOUR in the sun they looked BRAND NEW!!! basically I recommend this to everyone. It apparently gets any stain out of anything!







Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is It Fixed?

Sadly I have not posted since Blogger refused to let me add pictures onto my posts... I know that may seem like a lame reason, but seriously, who would want to read by blog without any sort of visual stimulation??

Testing seems to have proved that we can add pictures yet again! Hall-le-lu! Don't try to tell me you don't love that picture :) Mr. G banged on the computer and opened up photo booth... How do you say no to that?!

I will pretty much just overload you all on pictures for the past month and maybe add a few stories to go with :)