Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh my Craft (Oh My Crap is more like it!)

So I ordered some vinyl from on Dec 19th, it was an AMAZING deal, and so while I had ordered a few times and once before been irritated by the order taking too long, I decided that the deal was good enough to chance it. WRONG CHOICE! So they took the $40 out of my bank account on Dec 19th 2012, and as of now (4 months later) I still have YET to get any part of my order. They have not updated me, unless I e-mail them asking for an update. When I do this I get the EXACT same response every time (I'm talking word for word here). So I had someone(not naming names) attempt to call them for me, because I am a total pansy and probably would have accepted their ridiculous excuses rather than make a big deal. ANYWAY, she went to call them today (second attempt) it was only and hour or so after they claim to be open. It went straight to some generic voice message... You don't even have the option to leave a message to get a call back. Seriously?

Oh it's on. I'm getting my freaking vinyl.

Stay tuned.

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