Monday, April 30, 2012

The Obligatory 2 Week Update

I know if Rye gets back to a place with internet access and my 22 week picture is not up I'll recieve a call with him saying that he checked my blog... followed by an expected silence. So we'll just skip that whole thing and just do the post :)

I'm not feeling in the picturesque mood today. As you will be able to tell by my picture, my hair is up (this is post daily bath to soak my aching muscles) I am rocking my amazing Victoria Secret Yoga pants (one of the few pieces of normal clothing that still fits nicely) however I did throw on a maternity shirt and some lip gloss... You're welcome :)

So here are the updates for this week.

22 Weeks

  • Feeling Miles kick A LOT! Someone other than me was able to feel him kick yesterday for the first time. I cannot wait for Riley to get in on the action :)
  • I think Deezul is aware of Miles, and I don't think he likes him... At first he would lay his head on my belly... now he avoids by belly at all times and gives it an awkward side eye... oh Geeze!
  • My back hurts like a mother in labor (wow that's not funny to say anymore since I am certainly facing a future of back labor here shortly)
  • My normal clothes do not fit to the point that it would be ridiculous to try to squeeze into them to go out in public... cleaning house in them is another thing.
  • Weight: -4-5 depending on the morning.
  •  I am still down in weight but gaining speed quickly, So I am trying to make the healthiest food choice possible
  • I am still running.
  • I am starting to acquire the pregnant woman waddle
  • The waddle I am assuming is from my hips widening, Which I am feeling big time! I wake up and my hips feel like I was doing squats and lunges all night.
  • I am not able to sleep comfortably through the night anymore, I will have to go invest in one of those freakin expensive maternity pillows.
  • Stretch Marks: As you know if you read my blog, I spent a small fortune on a skin care regiment that promised to help prevent stretch marks... I am pleased to announce that the few that I had are fading, and I have yet to acquire ANY new ones.. I will keep you posted, and try to stick to this plan to the T and hopefully I will be able to pass on something amazing to anyone else who is worried about stretch marks in the future... It's a small price to pay.
  • We are picking out nursery furniture in the VERY near future.. As soon as Riley gets back.
I am SO happy that this is my last stupid tripod picture for a while... Riley will be back for the next few.. .And in June I am SOOO excited for the amazing Lauren Billings to take some awesome Maternity pictures for me. So yes, judge away at my appearance... I am comfy tonight... yup. Oh and yes I also see that I don't look WAY bigger than 2 weeks ago.. I assure you that I am... The measurements don't lie :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thoughts On A Saturday Morning

  • I keep getting headaches, and I don't know why, so I am assuming it's a bit of dehydration and I am drowning myself in water.
  • Deezul likes to wake up SEVERAL times during the night since we moved... I figured out he wants to go outside and try to catch frogs... unacceptable :)
  • The Wii SUCKS with netflix and hulu, I get so fed up with it, I don't even watch those in my room anymore, That's sad.
  • I think my hips are widening, I have to have a pillow between my legs when I sleep or I end up in pain.
  • People keep telling me things I can't do now that I'm pregnant... I have a hard time with that since I'm such an independent person... I usually end up just getting it done (example: moving my newly acquired changing table all by my lonesome)
  • I got a changing table for free. It's a really nice one... I just happened to have the right connections and know the right people, It's also in amazing condition still!
  • I lost my armband for my phone, And that makes me less inclined to go for a run. I don't want to put my phone/music in my bra to possibly get water damage (ya I sweat) and I hate holding it the entire time... I should find it.
  • I found out I've been making baby girl tutu's the long way... So glad someone finally showed me the shortcut. 
  • I'm secretly afraid that Miles will come out looking like Bert(you know, sesame street)... Eyebrows are not either of our best qualities...
  • I broke a nail in the washing machine. Normally I wouldn't be THAT upset, but this broke straight down the middle and my finger has been burning for 3 whole days. I don't understand how I bit my nails for so many years... I dealt with this pain, when I really didn't have to.
  • I'm starting to feel pretty again, and not fat... Maybe it's just because strangers can tell I'm knocked up and not just on a bulking cycle
  • Some days I really miss performing. 
  • Deezul turns 2 tomorrow, I'm probably going to cry.
  • I really love living in Hawaii, I do get a little sad that even with total hookups... no one comes out to visit. I mean they wouldn't have to pay for lodging or really food, you'd think they would take advantage. 
  • I really miss Rye, it's been a long handful of weeks without him, and I'm ready to have him back for a bit. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

In Retrospect

If things had gone the way I planned and not the way God planned, I would be a week  postpartum right now. And that has me thinking about how different my life is now than 9 months ago.

I found out I was pregnant and other than being exhausted, I didn't have any symptoms. I did however blow up 10lbs over the course of only 4 weeks. You can blame hormones or whatever else you want... but the truth was, I was not in shape. Sure I was able to hold my own on a hike, and I wasn't as out of shape as I had been prior to Riley leaving for bootcamp... but I was not fit at all. running on the treadmill had me dying long before a mile hit.

Then I lost the pregnancy. I've talked before about the dark period I went through. So to summarize, I have NEVER battled depression before in my life. It runs in both mine and Riley's families. Everyone in both of our families that had it was on some sort of depression medication. Now maybe Riley and I have just turned into THAT couple... but the last thing I wanted to do was medicate myself, for something that I knew could most likely be helped with working out. I remember laying on the couch in sheer depression only a day or two after learning that I was miscarrying. I remember being so angry with everything, I wanted to go for a run. I remember thinking that the only thing that would make me feel better at that moment would be to go pound the pavement. It wasn't an option for another week or so.

I was determined to take care of my depression the natural way, or in my mind "the right way". I am not saying anything bad about those on depression medication, I have just watched so many family members struggle to find a balance using them, so I've always promised myself to try any and all other options if need be. When I was feeling a little better physically, I went out for a run. It wasn't far and it wasn't fast, but it was the first time I had ran for me, not for Riley or the illusion of how hard I could work out at the gym. I was running for my normalcy, I was running to get back an ounce of control I felt had been stripped away from me. I could not control that our pregnancy wasn't viable. But I COULD control the way I dealt with it.

About 3 weeks post miscarriage Riley was looking up races, and saw there was a trail race the next morning, a half marathon AND a 5k. He told me we should do it.. I was not interested but told him if we went to sign up and they still had t-shirts available, THEN I would run the 5k while he did the half marathon. That race was the longest 3 miles of my life, but crossing that finish line to a cheering crowd... made me feel amazing.

I continued running, knowing that it was the ONLY thing keeping me somewhat normal. I was still at the point that any pregnancy announcement on facebook would send me into hysterical tears. And who would have guessed it, I started getting better. Better at running, and better at functioning like myself again.

Running saved me. If things hadn't happened the way they did, I would have probably had a very unhealthy pregnancy. Sure I would have walked but I don't think I would have been able to do much more than that. Because of what I went through, I'm more prepared.

God knows what he's doing and he has a plan. I was so angry with him for a while there. But looking back, He knew all along where I would end up... and that I would be a better person for it. Things have worked out exactly as they should. This has grown my testimony to trust in the Lord... cause when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, Things work out.

I gained 10 lbs in 4 weeks with my first pregnancy... I am now 21 weeks pregnant and down 7 with this one. I am not trying to lose weight, and I am not restricting my calories... but the mixture of morning sickness/eating healthier/ working out has resulted in this. We all knew I had a few lbs to spare at the beginning of this so no one was worried when I lost a few.

They say we have 20/20 vision in hindsight. I'm grateful for all that I've gone through.. It's put me where I am today. And I love where I am today!

Monday, April 16, 2012


I made it! I am over the halfway hump. I'm in the second half of my 40 weeks of pregnancy.

I have been dreading this week since September, when I miscarried. I was originally due this last week. I thought it was going to be extremely hard. It wasn't! I think that was due to a few different things, Including the fact that this week Miles started kicking, A LOT! I've been so ecstatic and just cherishing every moment that I have with Miles that I haven't found myself dwelling on what this week would have brought us.

So here is my big halftime stats update!

Weight: I was originally down 10lbs, as of this morning I am now only down 7lbs... So -7... not bad for halfway. My midwife says i should be up 20 in the end, which means i have about 17 lbs left to go at this point.. we'll see how that pans out!

Morning Sickness: Still going strong on this one. I don't puke everyday anymore... it's down to every other day at this point.

Cravings: Still not many cravings... this week I've been craving chocolate a little more than normal, but it's easy to curb that with just a little chocolate milk. It's an awesome substitute for something that is not super great for you. Rice is still the only thing that has remained a "staple" I don't really crave it, but it's a safe bet for when i'm not feeling so great!

Clothes: I don't really fit into almost any of my normal clothes... So I'm mostly in maternity clothes now. I still don't feel like I look pregnant on the everyday, everyone pretty much just looks at me with judgmental eyes.

Riley will be home soon-ish and we will get hard at work on the nursery... I just have to try to convince him to paint the nursery for me... He's not so keen on the idea right now, so wish me luck on this one!

This morning I was laying in bed with Deezul, he was snoring away so I grabbed the laptop to look up some preschool stuff. So I'm laying in bed, chilling on pinterest, listening to Dee's snores, when all of a sudden... My laptop moved.... yup. Miles kicked hard enough to cause movement outside :)

Alright in case you care enough (or you're Riley and and are checking up to see how i'm doing from far away) Here is the halfway picture

20 Weeks

I feel pretty big :) I don't know if I look any bigger than I did on my 18 week pictures... I don't know, I'll have to compare.

Happy halfway!!!

Is This Month Over Yet?

April seems sooooo long this year. I've been working a ton of extra hours since Rye is gone, And it is starting to wear me down. I'm settled in the new house... but am still refusing to do all the unpacking. I'm in no rush, and I find things as I need them. Rye can come home and help out with the unpacking.

Deezul loves the new house, and since he doesn't really have a big yard anymore, we get to go for a good mile walk nearly every day... So I think he's ok with the switch. He is going back in for eye surgery tomorrow morning, So tonight will be our last "cone free" night for a week or so.

I signed up for a 5k for when I'm in Utah this year, I am SO excited! What i need to do now is try to find some maternity running clothes. I'm also signing up for the Jamba 5k in a few weeks here. I know a 5k isn't super long but I promised Rye I wouldn't run further than 3 miles for the time being. I am signing Riley up for his first ever triathlon for right after he gets home. So we have to go on the hunt for an "outfit" for that :)

Anyway this was just kind of a quick post to update. I'll be doing my "halfway" post tonight.

Oh and did I mention that my computer died.... it's done. So next month I will be making the big Mac purchase. I've wanted a mac for SO long... and it's finally time. I can't wait for that.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm Sav and I'm a Klutz

I've never pretended that i wasn't a klutz, however I have gotten a little better throughout the years. This week was not my proudest. I am currently subbing for an after school program with 4th graders. During our outside activity time I foolishly included myself in a game that required a "tag" scenario. I'm sure you are seeing where this is going. Yada yada yada, i shouldn't have done this, and I took a pretty hard fall.

This landed me in the hospital having to make sure that Miles is ok in there. I'll save you the crazy hospital story and tell you that everything is perfect. It may have taken hours and hours for them to come to that conclusion but everything is fine, i'm bruised and tender but we're fine here.

On a totally separate note, I am really missing having Rye around. He is having a hard time being away as well. He was trying to figure out WHY this time is tougher than the others... My guess is it has to do with his wife being home pregnant having to unpack a whole house, while having adventures in the hospital, and still battling morning sickness. I'm sure it was super romantic today when i forgot to put the phone on mute as i puked my little heart out on the phone with him.

I'm really itching for another race. I NEED to run a race, and soon. I told this to Rye today and invited him to run one with me. It'll probably be something small, but i just feel like i need to run. That and i am really feeling that I need a new shirt :)

I think that might be it for now. I'll probably update for Easter tomorrow. But i DO hope you all have an amazing holiday!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Holy Cow!

I am SO glad that this last week is over! It was a nightmare, and after all is said and done, all I can do is take a break and put my feet up. Here is the complete break down to the big move.

Day 1: Went to pick up the moving truck, got back to our house, Kyle helped Rye fill the truck with all the really heavy stuff. I ordered pizza and we cheered to a happy occasion.

Day 2:
6:45- left base in the full moving truck to try and find the weigh station (to get reimbursed we had to weigh any and all truck loads)
7:20- Pull over in tears, Tell Rye over the phone how frustrated I am, completely lost and running behind schedule
7:30- Weigh the truck
8- pick up keys to the house (find out the AC is broken.... rest of week is spent unloading heavy things into a house that is 85 degrees)
8:30-Have to be at work to teach preschool
noon-Rye picks me up, I find out he emptied the truck. We take it back to the house and attempt to fill it on our own. Kyle stops by and helps. Boys then find out they have to be to work at 3 for a formation. (truck must be returned by 4:30)
2:30- Take truck to get weighed.
3-I start to unload truck alone while Rye is at work.
3:30- I pull something in my growing stomach and cannot lift another heavy thing.
5-Riley gets home, realized i did not empty as much of the truck as he was hoping (his frustration starts)
5:15- I tell him he is putting a damper on the mood and needs to get out of his bad mood
5:16-I'm told I AM the reason for his bad mood, and he just found out he is leaving for __ weeks in the morning.
5:16:30- Hormonal tears start flowing.
15 minutes of silence
5:31-6-Riley wants to know where the heck the cheesecake I promised is. We go pick up said cheesecake
6-7-Unload the truck of pretty much everything
7:10- Riley asks me to help him move furniture
7:11-7:15- I go on a mini rampage wondering WHY none of the Marines are at our house unloading furniture and why the HECK the pregnant woman is left to do it.
7:16-Rye admits he never texted any of the guys. Cause it's their last night before they all leave.(big mistake)
7:17-8:30- Unloading furniture while Hormonal fit #2 kicks in. Upset with husband for not asking, and EVERYONE else for not offering when they KNEW what we were doing.
8:30- Kyle shows up to move dresser upstairs.

Day 3- Entire day is spent finding all of Rye's gear, and getting it all packed. He has to report in the early afternoon but doesn't leave till extremely late. evening is spent in the car waiting for him to depart, eating dinner and then falling asleep in the back while Jon sleeps in the drivers seat.

Day 4- Meeting at Pearl Harbor in the morning, Internet guy shows up right after that. I take the day to rest due to hurting myself on day 2.

Day 5 &6 -  is spent on back and forth trips from the old to new house. With car loads of the "little stuff. as well as cleaning.

Day 7(today)- Woke up at 5am, headed to the old place to finish the last few things. Then headed to work. Got a call at work from the AC guy wanting to come look at it. Left work, headed home... 2 hours later he tells me he HAS the new unit but i have to call and reschedule another day for them to come install it. Hormonal watery eyes follow. I return the keys to our old house, and get myself a freaking BANANA SPLIT.

Seriously, I have never been so exhausted in my life. I am dehydrated and thus retaining water like crazy. I feel huge all around (not happy about that) plus the heat makes me feel all sticky and nasty. my ankles/feet/hands/ wrists are so swollen...

And despite ALL that, i decided to man up and just take my 18 week pictures... UGH. I have lovely moving hair, I threw on some mascara and eyeliner for ya. even put a shirt on over my tank top(with this heat i probably sweat through it before these were taken.

Hopefully by next time i will look better. HA.

Without Riley here, i have to use my tripod, and therefor must put something on these boring white walls for the camera to focus on so i can use the self timer... Ugh having a boy to do this is SO much easier.

Seriously, it's freakin HOT in this house! Like i said, not feeling very attractive this week... I think tomorrow i should actually get ready, since i don't have moving crap to do before work... maybe you'll get better pictures tomorrow... cause these are NOT the 18 week ones i want to look at forever. I'm downing the water right now, just praying that i will quit retaining a bit.