Monday, May 31, 2010

When you got a good thing!

alright people, if you don't get on facebook but you read blogs... you probably thought that my plane had crashed and i was stuck on an island with Jack and Sawyer......

but no. on May 20th i arrived safe and sound in Hawaii. Rye was able to get away from work to come get me from the airport which was a nice surprise seeing as i didn't know he would be there until i actually landed. so that was nice. we've checked into temp housing..,.. which is actually a barracks. it's pretty funny actually. we have 2 twin beds that are seperated by a big desk... so we only have one to sleep on. but i  can't complain. in 2 weeks we'll be moving into our new place. which is an apartment on base. at first i was pretty pissed that i have to live in an apartment... cause it is kind of the ghetto of the base. but it's still REAL nice. and the view from our back porch will be the ocean.

now i know that none of you will feel bad for me no matter what happens cause i'm in Hawaii. but i just have to tell ya... it's really hard being SO far away from home. i don't know a single person here other than Rye. and while i am completely in love with him... it'd be nice to have some friends. i miss all my girls. now who am i going to go see Eclipse with?!?! Rye may not be here when it comes out.. so i'm going to church to recruit some girls. it'll be nice going to church, because that will at least be one constant in my life. mormons are mormons everywhere.

Rye doesn't deploy for a while so we are able to explore which is way nice! i'll post a few more updates with some pictures later today. I was just writing a quick blog while i waited for Rye to get ready. we're headed to IHOP for some memorial day breakfast. thanks for tuning in folks!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cause i'm Leavin, ON A JET PLANE!

don't know when i'll be back again!

The USMC can try and keep us apart as hard as they want... but they cant split us up! we have been pulling strings left and in 6 hours i'll leave the house and head to the salt lake city international airport, hop a plane to LA, kill time during my 2 hour layover... and hop a plane to Honolulu.... THANK YOU SUE for hooking me up!

Riley has to leave for a month long training in a week or so... so i could either NOT see him for 6 weeks. or pull strings and get out there to spend some time with that Amazing guy i married. seriously even if it was for one day it would be worth it. so glad it's longer though.

so when Rye reads this a bit later he'll probably be irritated and amused... Amused that it's 6 hours till go time and i still have yet to start packing..... and irritated because, it's 6 hours till go time and i still have yet to start packing. kinda glad he's not here for this. cause he drives me nuts when it comes to packing :) love you babe, but it's true!

so i'm praying everything goes as planned and i get on all my flights tomorrow... PLEASE let that be the case... everything has worked out soo far... so i'm just going to stay faithful! and 24 hours from now i'll be EXTREMELY jet lagged, and sitting on a Hawaiian beach with my Bad-A husband.

i am terrified, but excited. and i can't believe that my next post will be from Hawaii!!!!!!!! i'll make sure to post a picture!

i'm gonna go try to pack now, till i get distracted again :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

First of all, i would like to point out that this is post number 9 where i have titled it a song name... i am awesome!

Riley's Graduation was this last Tuesday. and i am SOOOO proud of him. seriously i have like the freakin awesomest husband ever... wow anyone wanna count the made up words and grammatical errors in that sentance :) So he was one of the Honor Grads so he got his promotion. it was pretty cool to be there for that. after graduation he got to take me to the chow hall and we had lunch..... it smelt like high school.... and totally was NOT worth $5 but it was fine.

He had to ride the bus to the airport so i hopped in my car and beat them there by like an hour. anyway after a few minutes together i sent him off to Hawaii to get settled and wait patiently for me.

so this weekend i am back up at the Steven's house. Mark and Paula needed to head down to st george for the weekend to tend to their "up for sale" condo. so i am here with Jenny... my AWESOME adopted sister in law! it is just what i needed to cheer me up after saying goodbye, YET AGAIN, to Rye. can i just say how OLD saying goodbye can get. i'm so over it. so here are mine and Jenny's adventures of the weekend...... so far :)

Thursday night- we hopped in Jenny's convertable mustang and headed down to Sarah's (Jen's sister) he put the top down, it was like 8 at night and pretty freakin cold. and we BLASTED Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber all the way down to orem. it was an AWESOME drive! we went out to dinner with Sarah then headed back to Sarah's and played "he said, she said" had some laughs and then headed home for the night. on our way Jenny's boyfriend called and asked what we were up to this weekend.
Jenny- "i dunno"
Me- "we're painting the town red!!!!!!"
Jenny "we should paint the house!"

her family moved into this house like 3 years ago and there is ONE wall that has yet to be painted. because Paula cannot pick a color. her exact words were "we just need to pick a color a paint, cause i'll never pick." and thus the plan was made!

Friday- Kat stopped by the house that morning and we invited her to breakfast, we went to Magleby's for breakfast (SHOUT OUT TO LALO! I FREAKIN MISS YOU LET'S GO THERE!)
so after the best french toast in the world we went to home depot to get paint. then went to the shop and picked up all the painting supplies and headed back to the house to paint. the parents still have NO idea we have done this :)

as you can all see... i was not TRYING to look glamorous :) just threw on my kick ball jersey and had at it. so the wall is now painted! yay! so Kat left and it was just Me Jenny and Tyler (Jenny's boy)
Me and Jenny had already decided we were going to watch "The Princess and the frog" Tyler decided he'd stick around. so i made a TON of top ramen with hard boiled eggs for us and we headed down to the theater room. after that movie we threw in "Hercules" on VHS so we went from BluRay to VHS...... wow, i am so thankful technology has evolved PAST that!

Saturday- Jenny wanted the Big M for breakfast, but i convinced her i knew a better place. and since i have yet to bring her someplace gross, she trusted me. so Gandolfo's for breakfast it was.. and it was SOOOO GOOD. then i went out to lunch with my good friend Kara, i hadn't seen her in YEARS, me and Rye were pretty close to her back in high school. it was WAY nice to catch up. then i went back and got jenny. we drove to Orem and got my brother Phil cause i was going to do his senior pictures. he had to go home for a few to shower and change. so while we were waiting for him. i taught Jenny how to drive a stick shift! and she did AWESOME! Paul wanted to tag along, so the 4 of us drove down to utah lake...

note to self, Utah lake is SUPER boring for pictures... don't go there again. the Zombie house would have been sooo much better! anyway while we were there Jenny climbed a tree and i was taking pictures of her. i told Phil to go climb up. he did.... and has horrible judgement we've decided! he stepped on like a TINY branch and it broke... cause it was like 3 fingers around.... idiot :) he fell like 15 feet.... and onto a log... OUCH.

sorry brother!!!!!!!

so saturday night we had a girls nightr and watched "Anastasia" LOVE that movie!!!! and then since i'm getting old i went to bed :)

Sunday. we decided we should probably clean up the house before the parentals got home. so we.....
-Vacuumed downstairs
-Vacuumed the Stairs
-Vacuumed the WHOLE upstairs
-moved the furniture and Vacuumed under it all.
-killed some ants
-did all the dishes (dry heaved a few times from opening mystery containers)
-SCRUBBED the tile in the kitchen
-AND took all the trash out

now tonight i'm going to make Riley's recipe of his AMAZING orange chicken... sooo excited.

and it's made this week so much nicer that i can Text Rye ALL DAY, and then call him anytime i want. i LOVE being able to call and wake him up. which i did so this morning. he was soo sleepy but happy to talk to me. it's a 4 hour time difference which sucks cause i have to wait so long after i wake up to talk to him. and i go to bed so much earlier than him. when it's midnight for me it's only 8 for him... this SUCKS
i am soo over being apart. soon though i'll be on a plane on my way to Hawaii... and we'll be together.

He's strugglin more than i am. probably cause i'm used to him being gone and having to keep myself entertained and happy. cause i know how miserable i can be... and it's MISERABLE! so i am keeping my possitive attitude and trying to rub off on Rye... cause he need to stay happy. LOVE YOU BUM!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow

it's mothers day morning, i'm sitting up in bed at my grandpa's house. and my amazing husband has fallen back asleep about 6 inches away. can i just say how innocent a 23 year old man looks when he's asleep. in about 10 ours he has to report back to base. this weekend is bittersweet. it's his last week of training which is AWESOME. cause now he'll be a fleet Marine, not a student. and on Tuesday he'll graduate from SOI-ITB (school of Infantry, Infantry Training Battalion) and as if i couldn't be any prouder of him. he worked so hard these past two months he's graduating as a Lance Corporal. he's being promoted again. this promotion comes because he's graduating the Honor Grad for his Detail. not only did he have the highest GPA, but he's displayed all the perfect qualities of a Marine. so i'm sooo excited about that.

the sad part of the weekend is this. last night as i was falling asleep in his arms, it hit us. last night was the last night we'll spend together in a while. this time there is no clear finish line for our seperation. on Tuesday after his graduation, i'll take him to the airport and he'll fly over to Hawaii to meet his Unit. and i'll have to stay state-side until there is housing available. hopefully that won't be TOO long.... but i am determined not to stay away for too long. if i find out the wait will be a long time. i'm going over there. i'm going to look into temperary housing on base, and figure something out. because i think i deserve to be with my husband.

anyway, found out more about Hawaii, and can i just say i'm pretty excited. i'll be more excited when i can actually go over and BE with him. but i'm still pretty excited. this is going to be such an adventure, and i am ready to take it on! i'll do so with a positive attitude, until then, i'll get things done around here that need to be done.

Next weekend i'm going back up to utah county. i'm going to stay with Jenny (my adopted little sister-in law) :) i'll hang out with Lauren and everyone else, and just wait until i can be with him.

p.s. i don't think learning how to surf was a good idea, seeing as i refuse to surf in Kaneohe.....

i was googling something about surfing where we're going to be stationed... and this picture was the FIRST result.... umm no thank you, i'll keep both my feet. i'm quite fond of them :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice!

Alright, so here is the BIG news. so i was keeping it a secret where we were being stationed. so i hadn't put anything up yet. but here is the story. 
So Riley was stationed with the rest of the infantry guys at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. so i set to work trying to find a place to live. since he graduates in 9 days. 

he got in my car friday night and told me he had some bad news, but a little bit of good news too. 

"Ok, so whats the bad news?"
"are you sure you want to hear?"
"yea, i guess so. cause if i don't it'll drive me nuts all weekend. you didn't fail a test or get dropped did you?"
"no. Sav, i'm not going to be with the 1/5 anymore. i'm going to be with the 2/3"
"thats not in San Diego is it? please tell me it's not 29 palms. oh gosh it's 29 palms isn't it!"
"let me just say this Sav... Aloha"
"OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

apparently they picked 4 guys out of like 300 that are going to Hawaii instead of Cali... and Rye is one of them. :) all i know... is that i'm SOOOO excited. and kinda terrified too. more info to come in a later post.

so i'm moving to Hawaii...... end of post :)