Sunday, August 28, 2011


You know those people you are friends with on Facebook... the ones who complain about SOMETHING in every status update. first of all, i don't understand how ANYONE could be that unhappy with their husband, dogs, AND kids to only say a nice thing about them MAYBE once a month. There is a girl who had 40 updates in a week... and only 3 were not complaining about her kids dog or husband. THREE!!! and it's not that she was having a bad week, because thats pretty much how it is every week.

i've been thinking about that this week. how can people be SO upset with what God has given them. they have a husband when other military wives aren't so lucky anymore. they have children, when SO many others try for years with no avail. When people complain constantly about there kids it honestly makes me sick to my stomach... almost as much as people diagnosing their kids with any disease or disorder just to get their kids on some sort of drug that is supposed to make them listen. i had a woman tell me that the doctor said her kid did NOT have ADHD, so she went to 13 other doctors before one said he might have a mild case and they could TRY drugs... REALLY..... you want your kids to need to take drugs every day. SO desperate that you went to 14 total doctors, cause you were convinced there must be something wrong with your kid. now i am saying NOTHING bad about those with ADHD, it's just the parents today just feel like if their kid doesn't listen to them, they MUST have a medical issue... 20 years ago they would have simply decided a parenting class would maybe be a good idea.

I went to a party yesterday, and i should not have gone... i know that now. i am in no place right now to go out and try to enter into social situations. i am an absolute mess. this girl who was 5 or 6 months pregnant. talked about nothing but her pregnancy for 4 hours straight. She asked me if i had kids, and then when i said no, she told me "wait as long as you possibly can! ugh this pregnancy is horrible and this kid is going to cost $___ in the first year. and i mean you don't want to have kids when you are a newly wed, you definitely want to wait until you've been married a good long time. i know i'm glad we did. and i would give anything to not be pregnant anymore" UGH gag me. so i asked her how long they have been married (cause i hate nothing more than people giving me marriage advice unless they have a good 20+ years on their side) she told ME that they will have been married 18 months when she is Due. Given the week i had, i am going to justify my next comment.... knowing that had it been ANY other time i would have gritted my teeth and just let it slide. not saying what i said was nice or RIGHT... but if any of you knew what my week has consisted of, you would have cheered me on. i turned to her and said "well then, i've been married 5 times as long as you have and i don't really appreciate the unwarranted advice"

i wish i had said that. i really wish i had told this girl where to shove it. i was told by others that i gave a DEATH glare. and i guess i gave it to that girl a few more times throughout the party. that made me happy.

I try to be a very optimistic person. i don't normally complain on facebook, i mean read my posts from deployment... i'm sure not many of them were "woe is me" style. people see me as a very positive person. i know this because when i posted a few Emo-Worthy status updates, the calls and texts were almost instant. which is the last thing i wanted. i am SO grateful that i have so many amazing people out there who care about me. but i'm the kind of girl that DOESN'T want a hug if something happens. and doesn't want to talk to anybody for a while. usually i just want to spend time with Riley (cause he is my favorite person in the whole world) hug him a little tighter, and listen to him tell me that everything is going to be fine.

I don't ever want to be that girl, who hates every aspect of her life. When you are THAT unhappy with everything, i think it's time to take a step back and reevaluate. Even with everything going on in my life right now, i am still grateful for all i've been given. and feel incredibly blessed. that being said, i'm going to go ahead and wallow in self pity for a bit more. i'll be back to normal soon hopefully.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

days like today

you know those days when you don't want to go to work, cause you woke up in the middle of the night, and then had to fight with the dog for your rightful space on the bed, and then you toss and turn for hours... and then your husband has to get up at 5 am... so you are kind of just UP after that... and you are tired and don't feel awesome.........

ya i'm having one of those days... i need to hop on my bike and ride to work... since once again Riley took the car and i have not a motorized mode of transportation.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dirty Little Secret

 As people who regularly read my blog, you know that there are many things i am not able to tell you. And i assume you are used to that part of this little blog. Just know that in due time i will let you know everything i can :) until then... excuse my lack of posting. every time i sit to write a post i can't think of anything to write that i'm allowed to write about. but today i have plenty on my mind... so bear with me.

Riley has now been home over 2 months. oh how time flies.. on this day last year i was sitting at Shaunci's house, eating burnt chocolate on strawberries, and crying about how my husband was in California for our anniversary. today, i'm on my own (amazingly comfy couch) in sweats and a tank top, thinking about taking a nap before Rye gets home from work for the weekend. our 5 year Anniversary is today. what are we doing for it??? ya we're going to the DMV... haha romance at it's prime huh! one of the boys needs to go really bad and we need to go too... so we are just going to hurry and get it done. ok, so i got all ADD and didn't finish my post, so now it's the next morning and i'm going to hurry and finish it. So we ended up going to see a movie yesterday, and then we took Deezul for a walk and snuggled on the couch and read our books. it was a good day. we are actually really going to celebrate today, we are both kinda thinking North Shore would be fun. we pretty much drive up there every weekend(ya it's an hour drive each way) but the snorkeling is just AMAZING up there.

With Borders closing all their books are super duper cheap, i don't know if you have checked it out but you should, we have now spent like $60 and have 8 new books, that WOULD have cost us $150 for all of them, the deals are amazing. I will be taking over as the preschool teacher at my work, i am shadowing right now and then in like 3 weeks, i have my first official class. i'm a little nervous, but the kids in the class are awesome, as are the parents. and i have confidence that i will do just fine :)

I'm really missing my Best Friends lately Lauren and Kat should come out and visit me..... i live in paradise, and other than my inlaws we've only had ONE visitor.... so maybe the rest of you should take advantage of a free place to stay in Hawaii.... PLUS a free tour guide who knows all the best spots around.... ready, set GO!

Well, Deezul has now woken Riley up as well (stupid dog) so i'm going to end this post... i will try to post again soon. and i will let you know everything soon enough.