Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where has July Gone?!

almost this entire leave i find myself waking up early... not early for me since when Rye was gone i was up at 6 am everyday at the latest... but i'll wake up around 7, and Rye will sleep a few hours longer. i LOVE this because it gives him the chance he deserves to catch up on some MUCH needed sleep... after 7 months of NOT sleeping. I will get up and out of bed, some mornings (like yesterday) i'll cook breakfast. Yesterday it was blueberry pancakes and homemade strawberry syrup. other mornings ( like today) i'll snuggle on my spot on the couch and attempt to write a blog.

The weather all week has been EXTREMELY gloomy... which yes i DO love.. but it puts a damper on any plans that would have involved the beach. we have but days left of Riley's leave. Next week he returns to work and our life will return to normal... i suppose it's normal... for us at least.

i had a dream last night, that Riley went back to Afghanistan next week when he returned to work. 
it's something no Military family wants to think about with only 5 weeks since the return from deployment... but next week he will go back to work to get ready for his next deployment. at least this time around i have much more faith in us. i know that we are both incredibly strong, and we can get through a deployment. as well as reintegrate ourselves back into married life without issues. but we are NOT going to talk about the next deployment for a WHILE...

The boys are all returning from home. Riley doesn't like it cause it means he is gonna have to go back to work. this month off has been AMAZING. we have done so much, bonded, laughed, and seen practically every movie in theaters. i am so incredibly blessed to have married my very best friend. we have more fun together than any married couple should.

So this is my post to let you know that we haven't killed each other, and that there IS life after deployment... it is weird suddenly having someone around ALL THE TIME, when you are used to just chillin with the puppy.... sometimes you JUST WANT TO READ, but you can't always do that. it IS an adjustment, but as long as you are sensitive to each other and what you both went through... you'll end up fine. cause you will NEVER know what they went through on their deployment, and they will NEVER fully understand what you went through... if you can both know that going INTO a deployment it will make your life SO much easier after, instead of feeling the need to play the one up game on each other.

i'll post again soon, since life will be normal soon... if you can call my life normal.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


We hit up the Sea life part the other day... tickets are normally $30 a piece, we got them on base for $12... ya... STEAL!!! so we show up with seriously like NO time before the dolphin show... i was acting like a TOTAL capital B, cause i was stressing out... so i kinda put Rye in a bad mood... ya i'll admit that, i was totally in the wrong on that one. we were at the park for about 3 hours,  it's a tiny park, but it was kinda cool because they filmed ALOT of 50 first dates there... and as i've said before that has always been Rye and My movie... we first saw it in theaters when we were first dating.

 watching the aquarium... it was kinda lame....
 can you tell that he is still irritated with me at this moment :)
 waiting for a dolphin/penguin/ sea lion show
 these dolphins were funny they were playing with each other!

 after the sea life park, we HAAAD to go get VOLCANO NAAAAAACHOS at margaritaville, it's become Riley's favorite place on the island :)

So i have been looking forward to the Puddle Of Mudd concert since they announced it back in april. i wasn't so stoked about Hoobastank, but figured it would be a nice "plus" at the concert. I called my father in law and told him they should come visit around bayfest so they could hit up the concert with us. well....... yesterday was that big day. we started the morning with a farmers market, then went home for a nice nap and a movie. While Curt made us a roast in our new pressure cooker (it was BEYOND amazing) we then got ready and headed over to the hangars where bayfest is going on. i kept telling everyone we should head over early so we could walk around, but we arrived with 10 minutes until hoobastank, so we had to hurry over to the concert area. that's when i was informed we were not going to try and get close we were going to stay back,.... here
ya i was a little upset... i didn't pay for a concert to WILLINGLY be in the very back. Riley and I quickly moved up a bit closer after the band started
Hoobastank started and they were AMAZING, awesome, and funny. they played with the audience, chatting, making jokes, and above all else recognizing the military and all that they do. seriously gained SO much more respect for them. He brought out his daughter Maggie and said this was the first show she'd ever been to, she was so cute, and like MAYBE a year old.
we weren't front row... be there was a mosh up close, so front row was kinda out of the question.

After Hoobastank finished we all anxiously awaited for Puddle of Mudd, just chillin and killing time.
and YES, it was Riley's idea to do a cheesy smile picture... i love that boy! so maybe 2 minutes after that picture was taken it decided to POUR rain on us....
ya, it was pretty awesome... so after a LONG wait... Puddle of Mudd came out... and i have to tell you, i think they were like coked out of their mind, they played like 4 songs before even acknowledging the audience, and even then he just seemed arrogant. now i REALLY love their music... and i got BORED after a while.. so we headed back to sit with Rye's parents again. which is when the lead singer decided to start yelling at the audience for taking pictures and video taping... like I'm serious he was PISSED, he went on about it for a few minutes, then played, and then started ranting again... then he like set down his mic and walked off stage for a minute... it was a ridiculous tantrum, and made him seem like a complete douche... so we left with 1 song left... we heard it out on our way to the car... and honestly i don't feel i missed much... Hoobastank was BY FAR the better band at bayfest, they were so down to earth and gracious... you just can't help but adore them

now my mother in law is a character... if you have never met her.. you are MISSING OUT... i'm serious, she is hilarious. She apparently got up and was dancing the entire concert.. and i guess she thought it would be funny to do this when we came back... Riley's face makes the video soo much better :)
ya... her little lap dance was SO funny. she for sure embarrassed Riley and I... it was awesome. so this morning we are heading to church, and then since there is only today and tomorrow left on their trip i think we are going snorkeling today, i got really sunburnt on my shoulders at the sea life park, but i think i'm almost healed. i LOVE having my in laws here... but next week, we are probably going to just sleep and recuperate

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why is No One in the House Awake Yet?!

So it's 6:45 i've been awake for nearly an hour, and it's just Deezul and I... i got out of bed because i heard Curt and Shellee talking. i guess that was just pillow talk and they decided that more sleep would be nice. So i'm just sitting on the couch, getting stuff done on the computer... and then stopping and deciding that blogging would be more entertaining. Harry Potter comes out at midnight tonight... movie number 8... and it was the midnight showing of number THREE that Rye and I became a couple... wow... the end of a HUGE era. it's a little sad. i REALLY want to go. but the in-laws are here, and i doubt they would want to go. and Deezul is actually getting surgery today so tonight he is going to need some lovin from mama.

Yup, today is the day we take away my little pup's manhood. everywhere on this island wanted to charge a FORTUNE to get him fixed, i'm talking like 500 big ones! WHAT?!?! no. so now that i finally found a decent place it's getting done. Rye is having a hard time with it. last night he asked if it was too late to call and cancel. he'll be fine Rye! in 3 hours he has to be dropped off... and being his mama, i'm stressing a little bit too.

So as you read, the in-laws are here, it's been a BLAST so far, yesterday morning while Rye and I were still in bed they took Dee for a walk down to the beach... he somehow got OUT of his collar... they had a platoon of Marines stop and try to catch him (no dice) from what they described he probably ran a total of 2 or 3 miles (at a dead sprint). he's gotten out multiple times, and he has NEVER come when i told him to. so i head out on the porch yesterday and see Shellee waving like a mad woman for me to come out. then she yells and tells me Dee is loose and she needs my help to come get him, cause they have been chasing him for half an hour. i walk outside stretch, and see Dee in the distance. i yell his name ONCE... in a "i haven't seen you in so long" type of tone. he stops looks right at me, and runs to me and practically into my arms. it was AMAZING. it's moments like that, where i just fall in love with that pup all over again. he is the biggest mama's boy EVER.

So Curt and Shellee got here Monday late afternoon. We went grocery shopping that evening with them and just chilled at home, cause they had been awake for nearly 24 hours. Tuesday we got up and Curt decided he wanted to show us how to use the pressure cooker they just bought us. so he made us pulled pork. HOLY COW IT WAS FANTASTIC!! then after lunch we headed out to go do a quick hike of a lighthouse. it is actually the lighthouse that they filmed a scene on "50 first dates" which is Riley and My movie... kinda like our song. it's crazy i was just reading about that movie 90% of it was actually filmed on our side of the island, and even in our bay... so we are going to try and watch it today so we can see how much of it we recognize :)

alright i took a break and got on Google+ chat with my brother. they ONLY issue i have with google+ is that it won't link to my blogger... so i can't be signed into both... pretty lame huh! anyway here are some pictures from our hike, it was FUN! oh an everyone else is awake now and i am about to go get ready to take Dee to the Doc... not fun.

 we stopped at one point on a huge cliff, i saw this big Rock and told Rye to go do a yoga pose, he decided on the Crane, it didn't turn out as awesome as it should have, so i had him do Tree
 i like this one :)
 it was like CRAZY windy, and Rye was having to hold that pose FOREVER and wait for his dad to get his balance, while laughing at his dad's lack of yoga skill... that's why Rye is slightly less than perfect :)
 haha ya.... we couldn't get all three of them before the people caught up to us and they got a bit embarrassed :)
 Rye and his parents at the top, overlooking the windward side and the lighthouse
 Rye's dad Curt was pretty into the hang gliders, he just stood and stared at them forever!
Rye had this app that was tracking our distance, time and such
this last picture is the ONLY picture i got from north shore, with Curt's facial hair, the normal snorkel goggles don't fit too well... so i figured we should try the goggles and nose plug... it looks like he's from the 1970's, but it was freakin effective... i will use that set up from now on, i LOVED it.

at north shore we went out to start swimming, and someone pointed out that there was a sea turtle in the water, so i swam with the turtle for at least an hour, it was AMAZING. seriously, sometimes i look around the island and can't believe how blessed i am to get the opportunity to live here. we stopped on the way home to try one of the shrimp trucks... WOW... it was insanely good.

ok, more updates to come!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life Goes On

I know i have neglected this little blog of mine.. i sit down, start writing a post and then think to myself "man, you are just not that good at this anymore... no one is even going to read this" i get a few paragraphs out... and then i decide there are other ways to spend my time at that moment. But i received a post on facebook from my good friend Kaitlyn that she has missed my posting, i mentioned that to Rye that i haven't posted and he responds with "i know." turns out he's still checking on my blog even though he's home. i am so blessed to have a husband who loves me enough to actually read whatever is on my mind, and is genuinely interested... i mean he checks my blog often, i'm a lucky girl :) alright so here is my ULTRA BIG UPDATE!!!

Last time i left you with our new love affair with our grill... that is still going strong! we grill almost every night. the sun goes down, Riley gets the meat all seasoned he heads out back to fire up the grill... he opens the back door, lets Deezul out and calls to me for whatever he forgot in the kitchen, i grab said things and head out back. Riley works his magic on the grill, and I sit out on our patio and sometimes i read, other times i just chat with Rye and play with Dee. Once dinner is done we head inside, fix our plates and head back out back to eat and enjoy the breeze of the ocean just a block away :) jealous yet?

Leave is officially in full swing. we dropped all the boys off at the airport last Thursday and so now it is just Rye and I... until Monday with the in-laws arrive. I am really excited for Curt and Shellee to get here! we are needing to finish organizing this little apartment... we're getting there.... slowly but surely! we are currently hoping to get a new place on base.. since our upstairs neighbors porch is litterallly falling apart... and if there were an earthquake.. we'd be screwed.. and either our puppy would be smashed, or our grill would be squashed... and IIII would be PISSED!!!

Here are a few pictures and any stories that go along with them... and here we go!!!!!!

Alright so this first picture was taken one of the first days he was home, Dee was SO glad to have Rye home, the two have been snuggling like crazy for the past 3 weeks... and Rye being the loving puppy pop, always makes sure Dee is covered and comfy
So Riley got on me like the 5th day that he was home saying that i wasn't taking any pictures of us... and he was a little sad... so when we stopped at a roadside stand to get some fresh corn and coconuts... i snapped a quick one

The 4th of July we hung out with our friends Steph and John, we had found out that Pearl Harbor had a big day of festivities planned for Military families on the island. we made a stop at the navy exchange and grabbed some new hiking/trail running shoes for Rye. When we first got to Pearl Harbor and started walking around we realized that they had SO many things to do.. and all for FREE, seriously it was awesome. free paintball, free train rides, and the one that i DEFINITELY stood in line for... free airbrushed tattoo's. i thought long and hard about my choice... but my love of the land before time got the best of me and i got a "little foot"
it got REALLY hot REALLY fast, so we found relief under the "beer tent" we pretty much sat at the table for like 4 hours... killing time until it was time for the concert.
The DJ started saying "15 MINUTES TILL THE BAND" so we headed out on the grass.... ya they didn't come for 3 more hours :) so we sat on the grass and chilled :)
i love this picture :)
Steph and I, ya... we're pretty awesome!
Does this girl look like Molly Ringwald from 16 candles??!!!!! here lemme find a comparison picture... be right back
So the Plain White T's were pretty awesome... they were... odd, and they dressed like they were trying REALLY hard to look like they shopped at a thrift store. but we were FRONT row... ya it was awesome. and some drunk guy like got WAAAAY too close, he was trying to push in front of me.. i turned around to look at Rye, he was LIVID... i think he was like almost seeing red. but they guy got kicked out of the concert before he pushed Rye too far :)
After the concert... like IMMEDIATELY after, they had some Broadway star sing the national anthem, and then the fireworks started. they lit them off of one of the battleships in the harbor. it was the most patriotic 4th of July i've EVER had.
A few days ago we woke up and decided to hurry and hike this little trail i did once while Rye was gone. i thought it would be a good one for him to run.. he decided against that, but it was still nice!

this is us up on top! Right after we started heading down, it started raining... it was a nice drizzle and then on the drive home it POURED.
oh, this picture was taken on the hike up. :) ya, it's an AWESOME hike.
So yesterday morning i had to go to the doctor and get some blood drawn. i'm also FINALLY going to find out my blood type, i'm super curious since Rye has a rare blood type... i kinda hope i am the same... but i doubt i am. ANYWAY, so i go into the lab and i mention to the girl that i'm really bad with needles she responded with "ohhh man, this will be fun" ya let's just say she was HORRIBLE, and i have no veins... and i didn't cry, but i did make a small involuntary noise. as i walked out of the lab all proud of myself, Rye smiled at me and said "did you cry?" to which i told him OF COURSE NOT... I'M  BRAVE! so he put an arm around me and asked me "well since you were so brave, do you think we should go to the zoo?" at first i thought he was kidding.. but less than an hour later we were on our way
I wore my new running shoes.. they are AWESOME!!! they are the mizuno creation, TOTALLY worth the money, i have some messed up feet and legs so finding shoes that don't make my legs hurt is always hard, i'm an extreme over pronator... ya i think that's the term... anyway i love these shoes!
So Riley HATES ostriches more than almost ANY animal, i was snapping the picture of him and his nemesis animal. he was telling me that when he was in elementary school they went to the zoo, one escaped and chased them... so he REALLY hates them :)

my favorite animal is the hippo... so we stopped to watch them, and i always HATE that they are nocturnal, cause i never get to REALLY see them in all their awesomeness... but this hippo was hilarious, i LOVE this picture!

So there you have it, they super awesome Sav update! i will blog more i promise, i have just been enjoying my time with Rye, who JUST walked in the door from a long run. he's so hot! i love him alot!