Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hit me baby, one more time

soooooo, i'm pretty much done with life at the moment.

we've gotten our PDS (permanent duty station)... and remember how excited i was to FINALLY be stationed... well ALL OF THAT EXCITEMENT HAS FADED!!! well maybe not all of it. but seriously... in 14 days my husband will be all the way done with training....

wow guys, lets take a moment and let this sink in... wasn't it just like yesterday that he left for bootcamp. man oh man, time DRAGS on... but then you look back and go, HOLY CRAP IT'S BEEN ALMOST 1/2 A YEAR!

ok back to my blog. so he'll be done with training and we'll be stationed. that means i have 13 days well kinda like 12 cause his grad day doesn't count, and today is basically over. so 12 days to find a place and start the moving process. i really wish i was like a REAL trophy wife, not the pretend trophy wife i am. cause if i was a REAL trophy wife, i'd hire someone else to do all this bullcrap for me. but alas... no hired help for Mrs. Gardiner. now some of you are probably feeling bad for me cause i am having to do this without my husband.... DON'T! if he were here... i'd still be in the exact same position i am in now. except he'd complain that i was on the computer waaaaay too much. well... seeing as i'm not in the area i'll be living, i pretty much have to plan our new life from my computer. goodness.... i forgot how much moving sucks!

i've picked out a few places i'm going to call on this weekend. i just have to talk to Rye about commuting, and at least RUN the places past him... so he doesn't feel completely left out :) plus he's super smart so he'll probably look at one of my fav picks and tell me a HUGE reason why we can't live there. it pisses me off when he shatters my dreams like that. but it's always good in the long run.

so i'm back in square one, trying to find a place to live, to start a new life. and can i just say how excited i am to be able to have Rye back... i mean we can sit on the couch, eat salads, and complain about our life. that we want a bigger tv, that i want my new mac, we don't have a bed but just our mattress and box spring, we need a new couch. and because our old place had a bar we just used bar stools... so we don't have a table and chairs... and we'll probably both get frustrated the first few weeks trying to figure everything out.

but as always, i'm hopeful. i KNOW that we made the right choice for us. this is where we are supposed to be. i am so utterly in love with him. and i knew that before this whole experience, but i have an even greater appreciation for what we have. the trust that we share, and the bonds that we have made. i'll quit gushing now. but watch out for pictures of the move coming up soon here... ugh... so little time!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I just called... to say... I love you!

 so in case you haven't noticed yet... i'm starting to try and title my blog posts with song titles... we'll see how long this lasts for. well i was sitting, reading over my blog posts from BootCamp... and MAN O MAN am i glad those days are OVER!!!! as i was reading through them, cause i had a rough day and was a little sad... i was texting my AMAZING friend laurel and my phone was blinking at me that it wanted to die... well i couldn't just let it die for a number of reasons.
1. i'm staying at my in-laws by myself.. yes they live in a very nice part of town... but IF someone broke in and tried to ravish me... i would like to have a phone to call for help. not just hit them on the head with it.
2. i was in the middle of a textversation(don't know if the kids are calling them that... so if not... i'd like to coin the phrase) and you can't just not answer... then she might think #1 may have happened. and i'd rather not have the sgpd and sgfd show up at my door... talk about a heart attack!
3. My sister in law usually calls me every morning during the week... she usually wakes me up. which is probably a good thing because even though i don't sleep till the wee hours of the morning... i don't need to sleep past 9:30... i'm an adult. so i didn't want her to not be able to get ahold of me in the morning.
so i ran out to my car... in the pitch black mind you. and grabbed my charger. came in plugged it in, and returned to reading blog posts. THEN
my phone started ringing. ringtone: Lovebug - the jonas brothers... make fun if you will... but nothing makes me happier than to hear "and i'm speechless, over the edge, just breathless, never thought that i'd catch this lovebug" not only do i ADORE the JoBro's... against my better judgement, but that is Riley's ringtone... and since november i haven't heard it much. so i thought i was hearing things. i looked down, sure enough Rye's dress blues picture and name were right there. so i answered with "hi CuteBum, are you breaking rules to call me?" he answered no and then hung up.. so i thought FOR SURE he was breaking rules. apparently not cause he called right back. and told me that his group did awesome on their hike and earned 10 minutes of phone time. i guess the 51's (the demolition group) were the only group to NOT have anyone fall out or fall behind on their hike, they stayed tight...
i could kiss every one of em!

anyway... he's doing really well. and i am sooo proud of him. less than 3 weeks and he'll be done with all his training... and we'll be stationed somewhere. and live happily ever after. :)

haha can you see what a state of euphoria his phone call has put me in. awww. i will sleep a happy woman tonight! an i will do so at a decent hour. 11 is a decent our to go to bed right?

g'night! i love my life, and i LOVE my husband


Monday, April 19, 2010

I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE (but i won't do that)

alright, so i've been sitting here at the In-Laws with my blank blog up, but my dad-in-law has the utah-denver NBA game on... so i'm a bit distracted... so i'm going to try and get this written... but we'll see how long it takes. i'm glad i can type without looking, so i can watch the game, AND funnyt commercials and STILL type... and now that i'm looking back... only 1 extra letter was added... and i'm going to keep it there :)

ok... so now onto my update... while i was in the car after i picked up Rye this weekend... we had an ALMOST exact conversation that i typed about last week.... i started laughing, and then told him about my post. he thought it was funny to. someone commented and said we fight like an old married couple.... to that i respond. ya, we kinda do. but like the really happy married couples who don't really fight. more like bicker... but in a joking way. sooooo ya.

so i left St George on Friday around 12:30 or so... yes it was a bit late and that is Cali time NOT Utah time. I started driving, and the GPS told me i was going to arrive at 7:18... my new gps is AWESOME by the way. it has my speed on there as well as what the speed limit is where i am. so i hit vegas in REALLY good time, only to hit traffic... and it was BAD. there were 5 lanes, but then 2 branch off from the 15 to the 215... so there are 3 left. immediately after that a car had flipped completely over... bringing us from 5 lanes to 1 in less than a mile... let me just add in here that my car is a manual.. and my feet get claustrophobic so i drive barefoot on long drives.... i had a HUGE blister after that little hold up... and my feet were HURTING from pushing in the clutch for like an hour straight... if you don't drive a manual you won't understand that pain.

so after vegas the gps... i've since named him Doug until a more fitting name can decided. so Doug told me that i would now arrive at 8:05.. so now i'm stressing cause Rye is usually out by 6 or 7..so i call my gpa to discuss whether when i hit cali if Doug is going to take me on the route with the least amount of probable traffic. he said no and we decided on a new route... well that was probably a bad idea... cause i arrived ON base at 8:15pm...uh oh... luckily i hadn't heard from Riley at all... which was stressing me out cause then i was thinking that he might NOT get liberty this weekend and i went through the horrible drive for NOTHING... so i was stressing out only like 10 minutes from HIS part of the base and i get a text from one of his buddies letting me know it would be about 45 more minutes... WHEW... so i hurried over and parked outside the barracks... and waited patiently. well i hadnt been there 5 minutes when someone knocks on my trunk and then pops up at my window. and yes pops up he was squatting with his face about the same height as mine..

i've since told Riley that if he ever does that again... he will have to deep clean my car.. cause it scared the CRAP out of me. he just came out to let me know he was cleaning and was trying to hurry. anyway so we finally got him, got him checked out and free for the weekend. and we got the heck of the base... and had our typical friday night conversation. Saturday we didn't do much. we saw a movie... did his shopping.. and walked along the beach right before sunset. we left about 20 minutes before sunset because it was SO cloudy that the sunset would not have even been cool... just gray. OH OH OH we did see Dolphins at the beach. that was cool. after the beach Rye decided to satisfy my craving... he took me out for steak.... YUMMMM-O

Sunday morning we were going to go take some beach sunrise pictures... but when i got up i found that there was more fog than i had ever seen. Riley did convince me that i could get some cool foggy pictures.. see this is one of the many reasons i LOVE this man! he's always trying to fuel my interests. so here you go friends here are some of my results.

there were a few more but i'll just keep those for a later day. then we were just kind of walking around and Rye found me a HUGE piece of beach glass which i used as a stick... see

so then i took a few of Riley and his reflection in the wet sand.

and then my AMAZING husband professed his love for me... on a big scale. right before we called it and headed back to the hotel.

so now i'm back in St George.. just counting down till i go back to the love of my life... and in case you were curious i MAY find out where we'll be stationed next weekend.... KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

here i go again, on my own!

Alright friends, and random cyberspace stalkers :)

i'm sitting in my in-laws living room, the only place that feels like home at this point. all by myself. my inlaws are in vegas for the week, so i've had the run of the house. it's really nice to be able to sit in silence and not have to worry about conversations i should be trying to have with anyone in my company. nor do i have to fake that i'm happy when i am NOT. however... when not required to fake that i'm happy... i'm happier. what a strange world this is!

so this week is DRAGGING on... but tomorrow i'll hop in the car, and drive all the way down to oceanside Ca yet again! and i'll kill time till i get a text. it always puts a HUGE smile on my face to see "Rye" when i get a new text. maybe it's going all week with nothing on my phone to even show that we have a relationship... or knowing that i'm the ONLY person he wants to talk to when he gets his first few minutes of freedom. so about 4-7 pm i'll get a text. yes friends you read right. i could get a text as early as 4pm telling me he's ready, so i have to be on base by 4pm just in case. BUT on the other hand, i may not get a text till 9pm, it's a cruel game i play :)
so once i pick up my husband and sign him out for the weekend, we'll have the same conversation we have EVERY weekend.
"Rye, I need gas."
"c'mon drive faster get me OFF this base."
"well i'm not going to speed while on a military base. did you hear me? i need gas"
"i don't care, just get me off the base, i'm sick of this place"
"ok, well the cheapest gas is ON base, so we'll fill up on our way out."
"Sav, i NEED FOOD!"
"ok hon, after we get gas we'll get ya something"
10 minutes later, off the base on the I-5 southbound, still 15 minutes from a city
"Riley, if you were that desperate for food, i could have stopped somewhere ON base. but NOOO you were in a hurry to get off base. you'll have to wait till we hit oceanside. it's only 10 minutes up here."
2 minutes later
"Sav, i'm freaking starving! is there a reason you have not stopped anywhere so i can get food"
"well, Rye. as i tell you every weekend. the part of the base i pick you up at is on one side of the base, the quickest way to food is to go farther onto the base. which you throw a tantrum about. so i get you off base as soon as i can. the problem with that being, it's 15-20 minutes till we hit any civilization... so sit back a shut the crap up. WHEN i see somewhere to get food, i'll stop... i promise!!!"
"why didn't you pull over at that exit?"
"there is nothing off that exit."
"Sav... i SAW the denny's right there!"
"Riley Gardiner you HATE denny's"
"i know"
7 minutes later
"Sav where the heck are you going?"
"did you forget that you're hungry?!?!?!"
"oh ya.is there food over here"
"there was last weekend, so i have a feeling there should still be SOMEWHERE to get food here"

except THIS weekend will be slightly different. we're meeting my cousin Emma in Carlsbad for dinner after i pick him up. so there will be a bit more whining. he won't want to wait that long for food. and "SAV"(in the whiniest voice you can imagine) "i've never even MET your cousin!" in which i'll reply. "and you'll LOVE her." he'll probably complain a bit more. point to his stomach every 45 seconds and yell (very loudly i might add) "HUUUUUUUNGRY!!!"  to which i'll turn my music UP and sing along. he'll give up shortly after this happens, put his hand on my thigh, and squeeze. he'll look at me while i'm driving like he didn't remember how much he actually could love me. and awkwardly lay his head on my shoulder.

Look at me go! i am blogging accurately about a weekend that has not even happened yet! i'm ahead of the game :) I am really excited this week to see him. i hung out with my AWESOME sister in law all week. and while i absolutely adore her, she looks an awful lot like her little brother... and it's a constant reminder that he's not around. whereas normally i can pretend i don't think about the situation and enjoy my week. i really did enjoy my week though. hanging out with Michelle and my nephews Jaxon and Boden... i'm just glad tomorrow is friday!

i haven't blogged this yet. i did put this on facebook. but just in case any of ya care... Riley got his job assignment. as you should all know by now, he is Infantry... but within that category there are several jobs. my husband i must say, has the COOLEST one! well Recon is pretty cool too... just not for a married guy... just my opinion. ANYWAY Riley is an 0351... DEMOLITIONS. yea.. he's pretty much living every 10 yr old boys fantasy. he's learning the proper way to blow things up. how to blow circular holes in concrete and so forth. and instead of an m16(the typical rifle) Rye will have... are you ready for this?

a ROCKET LAUNCHER! yup.. thats pretty Bad-A if you as me! and he's pretty excited. you can see his face light up like an 8 yr old whenever i bring it up. he's doing REALLY well at SOI-ITB is one of the high test scorers... yes we are talking about the SAME Riley Gardiner... and he's one of the best hikers. he passes everyone as they are heaving and barely able to breath.. and he skips to and fro singing and making jokes. thats my boy :)

I'm really proud of my husband. have i said that recently. after 3 years and 8 months of being married, i could not imagine my life without him. i was talking to his sister this week. and realized as of june 3rd at about midnight. i will have started going steady with Rye 6 years ago. and our first date was 7 years ago this next fall... WOW... can i just say, i am the HAPPIEST AND LUCKIEST 22 year old girl EVER! ok i'll quit gushing. i'll update on monday or so and let ya know exactly how accurate my predictions were :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Run To You!

The Saga continues!

I am still driving back and forth to see my Marine on the weekends. the last 2 weeks i actually spent at my dad's and grandpa's house, it was nice. i got to hang out with my dad and awesome stepmom. spend sometime with the COOLEST grandparents in the world... surf, and have a MUCH shorter drive to get to my Grunt!

Easter weekend was nice! i had surfing that morning, so right after i checked into our hotel so it was like 1 pm. ran upstairs and got cleaned up! i smelt of ocean and wetsuit (for those of you unfamiliar with that stench, not really one you want to smell like when you greet your spouse whom you never see :)  i got out of the shower and just fell over on the bed in just my towel for just a minute to relax for a few. surfing kicked the crap out of me! so i'm laying there, hair wet, just a towel on. and i get a text. i figured it was probably Ali (my awesome little sister) but NOOOO it was that Marine of mine. text read like so

"I can't reply back to this. but we should be getting off work early, so you should get here pretty soon"

i don't talk to him during the week at all. so he didn't know i was already in oceanside. so i hopped up. through on my beach dress since my clothes were pretty much all still in the trunk, put my hair in a ponytail and ran out the door. i showed up at the barracks about an hour later... man i hate traffic! Rye saw me out the window, smiled and said it would just be a few minutes. a few minutes later he came down to get me.
because he's married i have to check him out on fridays so we don't have to have a tag-a-long. i got out of the car. he looked me over and asked if i had any other clothes. i had forgotten i was just wearing my beach dress... and it shows WAY too much cleavage for anything other than the beach. and when i go to check him out, all the other marines are shamelessly vocal about what they think. it's good for my self esteem. but inappropriate non-the-less. that and as Rye says "you're mine Sav, i don't care that they look at you but i do care what they think about you" so i needed to look a bit less like a dime store hooker. but i had brought my clothes up to our hotel room. luckily i had my white leather jacket, i put that on and it looked adorable!

we headed back to the hotel... and Rye found out that the Easter bunny had visited him :)
ya, i'm turning into a little Sav Homemaker... except that i don't have a home :) 

anyway so we hung out friday night. saturday mornng Rye joined me for my surf lessons, and had a blast taking pictures. he was glad he was able to watch me enjoy a sport! here's a few of the highlights.\

that was day 3 or 4 of my surf camp. i'm now riding the big waves... so don't judge me. :)
saturday night we went out to a nice dinner. and got cold stone.

Sunday we went and saw "clash of the titans" at like 10 am. afterwards we wanted to do some shopping... but everything was closed it being easter and all. we went down the the beach, and walked around for a bit. then went back to the hotel. we ended up renting Avatar on our hotel TV. about 20 minutes into the movie, the earthquake hit. it was pretty funny. Rye had never been in an earthquake and it was definitely something completely new to him. that night we found a way cool restaurant ON the beach. it was nice because it was a holiday weekend. he got ANOTHER day with me. so i didn't have to take him back to work till monday at 6pm.

and thats the easter weekend update. i'll update more a bit later. he got his job assignment and everything, so i'll update later today. but i have an appointment at a salon in like 40 minutes, so i gots to get goin.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

CALIFORNIA, knows how to party!

I get to see my Marine tomorrow... and i am STOKED!!! last weekend he wasn't able to do ANYTHING... so i am praying that this weekend will go off without a hitch. i've been in Cali all week just counting down the days and hours till friday evening. but heres the sad news. Rye's parents we supposed to come for easter and spend the weekend with us. HOWEVER. i got a call for my dear ol' dad-in-law that a sewer line broke outside their house yesterday, so they will not be able to join us for the holiday weekend.

and my surf lessons were postponed due to inclimate weather until the weekend. so i am going to DRAG Riley to the beach for a few hours each day so i can get my money's worth of surfing. i know he'll be fine with it. he'll probably go for a run on the beach. and then i'm going to give him the camera so that i can have some pictures of me surfing. man i LOVE Riley Robert Gardiner!

anyway, this is a really short post, but i'll update later :)