Monday, February 27, 2012

Super Lame

So there is a women's 10k race this next weekend... only it's on Sunday... LAME. So now i have to figure out another race for March. Since Sept(right when i started running after i miscarried) i have done a race EVERY month, except Jan due to Bronchitis. There is a race the last Saturday of March, so i suppose i could run that one. it just seems sooooo far away! Oh and my blisters from the run last monday are FINALLY healed... so tomorrow i think i will go for a little run :) I really hate running, but the feeling after you are done. That whole "I FEEL LIKE CHUCK NORRIS" totally worth the pain.

The Zoo was awesome last week! I really do love that place! i was going to but myself a shirt in the gift shop... but by the end, I was DONE. 6 hours in Waikiki is more than enough. my legs were starting to swell, and i knew i had to drive home.. so i called it a day and headed home (right around rush hour time... smart huh)

Steph moved back to Cali for the deployment... and i am already lonely with out my girl here. since we became friends last year, we have seen each other multiple times a week... and it sucks to feel like you don't have that go-to girl for lunch or shopping anymore... Rye isn't quite the replacement he thinks he is.

Oh, on the Sav's upstairs neighbor is a beast front.... After repeatedly asking her to at least be somewhat respectful of the fact that she has neighbors... she pretty much told me where to shove it. now there is stomping and screaming from before sunrise to long after we are asleep... Let's just say we have instilled a few new practices in the G home... right now i am listening to music at a level that is beyond comfortable through my surround sound, I sing a heck of a lot louder in the shower.... at 5 AM, we started what Riley likes to call "loud movie Saturdays"... the sad part.. we can STILL hear them, no matter the volume on our stereo... i am counting down the days till we move. In all the years i have spent in apartments, i have NEVER seen neighbors with such utter disrespect for people sharing walls with them. seriously, stomping so loud and hard that my pictures and light fixtures fall.... not cool.

In case anyone cares about my pregnancy (which i don't expect you to). I am still pregnant :) Today i am 13 weeks which puts me in the second trimester... and out of the danger zone. Yes i am not oblivious to the fact that nothing is for certain in this life, and that at any time i could have this happiness taken away. I am enjoying every moment. If you come into our house on any given day, you are likely to hear me puke... then you'll see me come out of the bathroom red faced, pretty dizzy... and probably a few tears streaming down... but you will not hear me complain. I would take puking for the next 6 months, over NOT being pregnant. So for all you ladies dealing with a loss, or praying for your turn to become pregnant. I know it is HARD to hear girls complain about things you WISH you could be experiencing, I was THERE, just a few short months ago. You will not hear me complain that every meal seems to find it's way back up. The ONLY thing i will say really sucks... is after you puke, you are starving again within minutes since you have just lost your meal... but nothing will sound good.. and when you DO eat something, your brain remembers that you just ate a crap ton and will start signalling that you are full... So you will either starve.... OR you will attempt to force food down and pray that doesn't come back up too. it's all worth it. it's got to be.

oh and 2 weeks from today we will find out if its a boy or girl cookin away in there :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deezul Will Be The Death Of Me

So this is my first mobile post. Woohoo!
So I'm down at kapiolani park in waikiki, Rye is out running so I decided to walk Dee the 2 mile perimeter. Which is a very long walk for him. We end our gorgeous walk back at the car, me nicely pouring him some water, but his gentle leader collar gets in the way of him drinking. So, I switch his leash to his normal chain collar... Apparently it didn't clasp right and it only took him 3 seconds to figure out that he was free... That dog can Sprint!!! I mean he's beyond exhausted from his walk and yet he spends the next ten minutes circling me with a smug look on his face. Ugh!!!!

So along walks a lady with a dog on a leash... Have I mentioned that we are trying to find an anger management trainer for Dee... Ya, not good. They get into it. Her dog somehow gets off his leash and I lose it. I jump right in the middle and pick Deezul up, apologize to the nice lady, march Deezul right back to the car, and spank him. Goll he is so naughty. Further proof I need to put him in some intense training before Sept. The thought crossed my mind just just leave him :) everyone commented on how pretty he was anyway. He'd find a nice homeless person to live with. Stupid dog doesn't know how good be has it.

So this is the start to my weekend. Haha I need a nap.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Day Off! FINALLY!!!

I don't know how your husband is... but on the weekend, mine wants to have the most epic adventures possible. which usually consist of us going non-stop for 2 whole days. I love this... EXCEPT for when i'm exhausted and just want a day to chill out at home and worry about NOTHING.

This last weekend was madness. I was throwing a baby shower on Saturday, so i spent all last week trying to prepare, as well as helping someone move out of their house. So once the shower was over, it felt like the weight had been lifted and i needed a nap. I had forgotten that Rye and I had to go pick up our packets for our Run that morning. we also had 2 friends and their dog stay at our house the rest of the weekend. My morning sickness was at an all time bad, and i was grumpier than you could imagine.

My body is exhausted... so today i'm going to listen to my body and Baby G, who is calling all the shots. and i'm going to stay home and not do much. Except maybe fix the ripped part of my rug... and vacuum. but i will not be out and about running errands all day. it's gonna be a lazy Sav day! WOOHOO!!!

Totally non-related to anything. but i'm drinking chocolate soy milk (as in vanilla soymilk and nesquick) AMAZING. and out of a bendy straw... which makes life better, as we all know.

Ooh Ooh, Riley and I met our midwife this week. She only seemed concerned about Riley being deployed for the birth, and Me not having the same kind of support in delivery. We got to hear Baby G's heart beat again (what an awesome sound!)... I still have that feeling it's a boy, i keep saying him/he/his... we will find out in a few weeks, so i should not count my chickens before they hatch! Also we took my 12 week baby bump picture earlier this week.. i guess i can post that up here later. I am 9 lbs lighter than before i was pregnant, but i definitely don't look it. i didn't really have a bump before, it's a recent development... it pretty much sucks when you can't suck in ANYTHING anymore, and then people stare at you like... dang she is out of control.. ugh screw you judgey people, i'm pregnant and am still out running so shove it!

and on that note, i'm going to go paint my nails... ENJOY your weekend!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well Now That I'm "OUT"

I officially came out on facebook with the news yesterday, that Riley and I are expecting. I haven't blogged much this year because i was so afraid i would spill the beans much too early. but in case you are curious... or a total Sav stalker, here is a recap or the last 12 weeks... or i guess you could say the first twelve weeks.

Late November, i went into our fertility DR. on base who did yet ANOTHER ultrasound to make sure that i didn't have any cysts and that everything was going normal in there so i could start my drugs. Other than having one of my ovary's in the wrong spot(which we already knew), everything was normal. So he prescribed the drug and gave me the side effects... as well as told me he was pretty confident i would get pregnant soon and probably with multiples.

Riley and I had the big Xterra world championship run a few weeks later and i was experiencing all the super fun side effects... such as hot flashes. OK those are no joke. i would turn bright red and sweaty... and it would be pretty chilly... i thought i would pass out from the heat. 10 days after ovulation i had to go in to get blood work done to make sure my body actually did what it was supposed to. The Dr called and told me my levels were VERY high. so that was fantastic news. it gave me hope, cause i was honestly convinced it would not happen in Dec... but was glad everything was at least going the right direction

Christmas Eve we went on a hike, Riley, Deezul and I. Rye ran up the mountain a few times while i walked Deezul up. I kept up a pretty good pace but was disappointed in myself when i was getting tired. Christmas, came and went. it was fantastic and amazing. and we were just HOPING that in the next few months we'd get some great news... little did we know! The morning after Christmas, i got up early, got into my running clothes and told Rye i was just gonna run a quick 2 miles if he wanted to join me. around .75 miles i was definitely huffing and puffing. we got home after our run, and i was DONE! i could not believe how absolutely exhausted i was... and then it hit me... maybe i'm pregnant. I told Rye that night that even though i wasn't supposed to test for 6 more days i wanted to go get a test just in case. The next morning there was a very faint blue line (p.s. i HATE the blue dye tests) Well needless to say the tests got darker throughout the week. Wednesday my dr had me do some more blood work, and called to confirm that i was indeed "preggers".. his word NOT mine. He made an appointment with me and told me with my numbers from ovulation he was pretty sure there was more than one in there... so we would check in 3 weeks.

Riley left for training soon after the new year. so i would spend January all alone (so sad!) The morning sickness hit hard at 6 weeks. I was feeding Deezul (Rye was still home) and the smell of his food sent me into severe dry heaving. it only got worse from there. But Rye and I smiled at each other... knowing that morning sickness was a good sign.. and it meant "today i am pregnant"... i am 12 weeks now and even more sick than before. and am SO grateful for it. not that i enjoy puking up everything i eat.. i just love the daily reminder that i'm finally getting what i want. so you will NOT hear me complain about morning sickness(which does NOT just last for the morning)

With the morning sickness i quickly lost 12 lbs... i have gained 3 back... but seem to be holding steady here. I went in at 7 weeks (exactly when i went in last time and was told the baby hadn't grown in 2 weeks and i lost it) at this point i had been having nightmares about having triplets almost daily. I told Rye i could handle twins... but i didn't think i was equip to handle more than that.

JUST ONE!!!! it was just a tiny little bean, and obviously didn't look like a human yet. heartbeat of 127.

even with how much weight I've lost... nothing seems to want to fit. and at this point... i am starting to look knocked up... that plus i cant suck in ANYTHING... it's a lost cause. my friend Steph didn't show a THING until almost 20 weeks... and yet I'll be the one that shows much sooner... goes to show EVERY body is different.

we went in last week and ended up getting another ultrasound. baby G was HUGE!!! you could see the face, and he/she was jumping, kicking waving... pretty much doing aerobics in there. Rye said it's definitely his kid :) heartbeat was 200 which would be considered extremely high, if they didn't see all the activity going on in there. We didn't get any pictures... which i'm really sad about... but everything was growing perfectly in there.

which brings us to this week. I signed up for the great aloha run back in January, with my friend and boss Autumn. oh and Rye did it too. it's 8.15 miles which is further than my longest race... I told Autumn my plan was to run 5 min and then walk 5 min... just to be safe. The plan went perfectly... until mile 6... i was done. my uterus hurt, my back ACHED, and my hips hurt like a beast. i ended up walking the last 2 miles... and i have no problem with that. i finished a race over 8 miles... PREGNANT. I was so impressed with myself. Riley did the race in 59 min (GO HIM!) the winner did it in 42 min, so Rye was NOT far behind him. The rest is history, the picture went up and the announcement was made. and this morning... i am SO sore.

We have our first appointment with our midwife tomorrow... so i will update... and thank goodness i feel free to blog again... i freakin hate secrets.