Friday, June 29, 2012

Running out of Time

I haven't blogged lately cause I was out of town, so this will be my little catch up.

There is not enough time left until Miles gets here. I have a list about a mile long of projects that need to be done... So luckily I am working less hours right now and should hopefully be able to complete a lot of them.

I'm home from my trip (THANK GOODNESS!). It was so nice to see so many friends and all my family, but at the same time, It's easier to adjust to Riley being deployed when you are home and can get into a routine.

The wedding in Northern California was absolutely GORGEOUS, I feel so incredibly blessed that I was able to be there for it, and was able to capture the moments for Kaitlyn and Daniel. I flew in on Wednesday, and until Sunday (the day after the wedding) we went non-stop. So while I was planning on finding a church building and going, I crashed ALL DAY! my feet were swollen at that point (not terribly but enough that I knew to put my feet up for a day). I did nothing but sleep the entire day, It was exactly what my body needed!

I flew out the next morning and headed to Utah. The turbulence was so awful that when I finally got off the plane I had to find a bathroom and puke (fun start to a trip). My mom picked me up and we went straight to Joann fabric and found the fabrics I want to use for the nursery.

My week was filled with good food, lots of loved ones harassing my belly, more smiles and laughter than I can count, and a very sweaty Sav (seriously 100 degrees pretty much the whole week).

I was able to meet BOTH of my newest nephews that I hadn't been able to see yet. Rafe who is now 9 months old. Seriously this kid is fantastic! I may have accidentally let him smash his head about 30 seconds into our first meeting, but I guess he forgave me because he pretty much loves me! He's not a fan of laying still while you change his diaper though... it must feel like such a vulnerable position to be placed in though, I'd probably thrash and wiggle the whole time too. Teagan, who is now 6 months is freakin adorable! He has little michelin man rolls all down his arms and legs and is wearing 12 month clothes already! He was such a happy and content baby the whole shower. He just sat wherever you put him and just giggled. Seriously I absolutely LOVE all 4 of my nephews, and cannot wait to supply them all with a cousin to play with, Especially Rafe and Teagan who will be close in age with Miles.

I was able to get Maternity pictures done. and CANNOT wait to see them. We were losing light quickly, and didn't get too many shots in, but from what I saw already they are fantastic. We drove the Alpine loop through AF canyon (most gorgeous drive ever!). It made me sad though, I had never driven the whole loop without Riley. We have SOOO many memories in that canyon, and it was so nice to drive through and remember what an amazing place it is.

Saturday was a CRAZY day! We started the day out early, for the AF canyon 5k. I had a big group there doing it with me, My mom, Dad, Stepmom, Father in Law, Lauren and Candace. I was worried some might back out, but no one did!

My father in law and Lauren stayed with me for the 3 miles, Lauren took off about a half mile from the finish (GO HER!) while I had to slow down cause I had a pain that I wasn't sure if it was normal or baby related, so I walked. Curt stayed with me the whole time and we finished together running across the finish! I was the only one that had ever done a race, and I think they were all pretty proud of themselves! My father in law even mentioned to Riley that he would think about training for a half marathon, Riley's response to me about it "And so it begins!"

I will update with pregnancy stats when I get my maternity pictures from Lauren OR sunday or monday I'll take a quick 31 week shot. but until then, here are just a few from the race :)

Oh Oh Oh! The best part of the whole story, So at packet pick up they couldn't find my number. They had my packet, just could not locate my number. So they gave me the run around and sent me to like 3 different tables before FINALLY assigning me a new number. However they didn't have anymore green numbers, Green = 5k Blue = Half marathon. So I was given a blue number, no big deal. The morning of the race, they kept making a big deal about how we were at the 5k start, and if you had a blue number "YOU MISSED IT!" I just let them continue to point stares at me and think I was stupid. But as I crossed the finish line they handed me a finishers medal. I thought nothing of it, I've done plenty of races where the 5k and half-ers all get finisher medals. It wasn't until later that I realized that no one else that ran the 5k had a medal... They saw my blue number and assumed. You know what they say about assuming :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The "Incident"

Very few times in my life have I been so upset in my life. If we are friends on Facebook than you probably saw something regarding me getting in a wreck, Well HERE is the story.

I was home getting Deezul stuff together for his stay at the puppy resort, I loaded everything in the car. accidentally FORGOT the keys inside, so while I grabbed them I also grabbed my NSYNC CD to listen to in the car. I started the car, and waited for the car to drive up the street, only to realized they were only inching along and they pulled into a house before mine anyway.

All settled in we rolled down the windows for Dee's enjoyment and enjoyed the awesomeness of "bye bye bye"... we pulled up to the 1st stop light and the Marines in the golf cart next to us clearly enjoyed my music choice...

Driving past the mini mart on base I was going 5 under the speed limit cause there are a lot of pedestrian's and cross walks. I pass the last crosswalk and am about to pass the last little turn in area for the mini mart I'm basically ENTERING the opening... The idiot coming the other way decides to try and stomp on the gas to beat me through the intersection. I slam on the brakes (instantly getting the worst charlie horse of my life), Deezul flies forward into the dash, and the front right bumper slams into his back passenger side.

He stops in the parking lot he so badly needed to speed into, I pull into the next little inlet and breath. Poor Deezul is so shaken up he immediately starts gagging and throwing up. I console him for a sec and make sure he's ok other than being freaked the eff out. I get my ID and the vehicle papers and head over to assess the situation.

The douche gets out, gets pissed about his car... doesn't even BOTHER to ask if I'm ok, or ya know... apologize... he just stands there staring at his car (keep in mind this man is clearly older than me and you would think he would have taken at least some responsibility for the situation) I make sure that he is ok, and then call the police on base to report the incident. They show up after what seems like forever, and for the first time someone asks ME how i'm doing. Until that moment I hadn't even thought about myself, my first instinct when it happened was to secure Deezul so he wouldn't be hurt, AFTER I was worried that Dee was upset and possibly injured, Then I was worried that this man who had caused the whole thing might be hurt. But after thinking about it... I felt fine. I still had a pretty wicked charlie horse, but overall didn't hurt anywhere.

I informed the officers that I felt fine, They immediately called an ambulance (In case I wasn't embarrassed about the situation enough already). They tell me that because I'm so far along pregnant I have to get checked out (no argument from me).

The Douche then recounts his harrowing tale of what HE thinks happens. "Oh, Uh well I was waiting to turn, and really didn't want to wait and she was further back, she was just going A LOT faster than I thought" to which I replied "I was going 5 UNDER the speed limit before I slammed on my brakes" (Insert his embarrassed face here). They go through a million questions and determine that HE was at fault (no duh). The ambulance shows up and the circus begins.

They come over and try to get me to lay down (keep in mind i've been standing perfectly fine this whole time). They then determine I am not completely broken and ask a series of questions about my pregnancy... They then take my blood pressure and asked how it compares to my normal... it was right on par. They ask if my stomach hurts at ALL... no. After 5 minutes they decide that I am ok and do not need to ride in the ambulance. The one guy seems convinced I'm perfectly fine and calls it in... He's then informed that because I am nearly 7 months pregnant, I HAVE to go to the hospital and get checked out. He tells me and makes me promise to go, I tell him I will call labor and delivery and see what they want me to do. satisfied he leaves.

We stand outside for eternity in the HOT sun filling out paperwork (I have an awesome sunburn to prove it.

I finally get to leave and continue to take Deezul to the puppy resort. He's shaken up and doesn't seem as elated to be in the car anymore. After, I call labor and delivery and inform them of the situation. They flip out and insist I come in immediately.

I have an emotional breakdown. My husband JUST left, so now I'm heading into the hospital 7 months pregnant and alone. I'm upset, at the entire situation. If I hadn't left the keys, if I HADN'T gotten the CD, if I hadn't waited for the car I had. If the light had been green... If Deezul threw a fit and we didn't get to leave at the exact second we did.... I would have missed this entire thing.

I then spend the rest of the evening in labor and delivery. I was hooked up to the fetal monitoring for hours while they tracked his heart rate (perfect) they took 9 or 10 vials of blood to test for pretty much everything (perfect), they did an ultrasound to make sure my placenta hadn't ruptured and that Miles had plenty of fluid (way perfect!), They had the contraction tracker thing on me... to monitor my LACK of contractions (perfect), they got out the awesome pap smear tools and checked all that fun stuff (perfect)... They start talking about how the trauma to my stomach bla bla bla... there was NO trauma to my stomach, yet no one would listen. The seatbelt didn't even hit against it. Even with all the tests proving what my instincts had already told me, they were apprehensive (which is their job)

Needless to say it was a LOOOONG night, I was finally released and drove home to FINALLY pack. Miles has been kicking like crazy, which is oh so reassuring. Had that crash been ANY worse, things could have ended a lot differently. I am grateful for the way things did turn out. And it was nice to get to listen to Miles heartbeat for a few hours... it's a comforting sound :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

28 Weeks

I was about to take my picture and wasn't expecting to see any change at all... I have felt like I haven't really grown in the last 4 weeks.... well I have.

So here's whats going on with only 10-12 weeks left... wow that sounds crazy, that is all I have left with this pregnancy.

  • I developed an awful cold overnight last night... and even though my midwife told me that taking nyquil once or twice wouldn't do any harm... I regretted taking any about 10 minutes after... It was probably one of the worst nights of my life. I woke up at LEAST once an hour dying of thirst, worst cotton mouth I have ever had. By the end of the night I was convinced that we needed to head to the hospital... So glad I am past that
  • Morning sickness is officially GONE!!!! (knock on wood) It only took nearly 7 months, but I am not longer sick.
  • Miles makes my stomach move so much it looks like a water bed... It's a little creepy (in an AWESOME way)
  • Miles likes Soul music
  • I am gaining weight steadily
So here are the 28 week pictures. These sadly are the last pictures that Rye will be taking... from here on out, it's just me and my tripod. Oh and the pictures that I will be doing with Lauren in Utah.

Oh speaking of pictures... guess who got a new lens for her camera... THIS GIRL! I am pretty freaking excited. I cannot wait to use it at the wedding this next weekend. 

Ok, here we go! Oh and keep in mind I am EXTREMELY miserably sick, I have been trying to fight this cold with every type of superfood I could... Here's to hoping that I will feel better in the morning!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ugh 3 Hour Test Here I Come

So I took the 1 hour glucose test, and assumed all would be well and normal. I eat healthy and exercise so I figured I wouldn't have any problems!

However at my midwife appointment yesterday they said my levels for glucose was 140, which is THE LINE for having to do the 3 hour test. So now I have to do the 3 hour Glucose screening to find out about gestational diabetes.

IF I have it, which I don't think I do, but time will tell. I would be ok with that. It would be the first hiccup in this amazing journey, and would simply require being careful about food choices(which I already am)...

So on top of everything going on in the next handful of days I have to find time to fast for 12 hours and then sit on a bench at the lab on base and wait.............. sometimes I wish there were more time... This being one of those times.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stubborn Child

I awoke this morning excited! The day had arrived that I would get to see Miles in 3D. I remember my sister in law getting her 3D ultrasound with Jaxon, And It was crazy how he ACTUALLY looked like his ultrasound picture.

We had planned on leaving base by 7:30AM to make it to Aiea by 8am. I made the mistake of not protesting when Riley took the keys to drive. I always forget how stressed I get when he drives and we have to be somewhere, you know Church, Dr appts, The dolphin show at the sea life park. We are on base driving the 2 miles from our house to the front gate, he is driving 5 under... took us 6 minutes with no red lights and no traffic to make it to the front gate. THEN he needed me to run inside and grab him a drink. Surprisingly we were only 6 minutes late to our appt.

I laid on the table, ready to see my little guys face... and here is all I got.
For seriously 30 minutes, we poked and poked trying to get him to move his dang hands! No dice, We moved me from side to side, poked him had me stand up and wiggle. Finally she had me stand at the end of the bed and bend over and just stand there for a good 3 minutes... And then we had a little more luck.

So without further ado, here is my stubborn child.
Ya, he just needs to fatten up for about 13 more weeks and then he is all mine to squish!

He was getting really irritated at all the poking and started punching and kicking really freaking hard! And then he would make this pissed look... Not the cutest face but it was funny only cause he would make it every time we would poke him.
He's still definitely a boy! Thank goodness, after all the prep work we have done it would be hard to make the switch from a room filled with boy stuff, to a room of girl stuff...

After the ultrasound we headed to home depot to get the stuff for a DIY diaper sprayer for Miles room. That will make doing cloth diapering a real option for me. Then we tried out this pub & pizza place downtown. I bought a groupon from them a month or two ago, So lunch cost us nothing, and was pretty good. And I don't know why but my legs are KILLING me today. It feels like I had charlie horses all night and am recovering today. So I was more than grateful to be home and be able to put my feet up. I'm now chillin in Rye's home gym while he works out and Deezul stands at the top of the staircase staring down like there is someone or something there... He's too weird.

So that's pretty much it for today! Till next time!

My Cloth Diaper Stash(so far)

So the other night I was in Miles' room organizing and going through clothes, just trying to consolidate all the gift bags and shopping bags into a few bins. I then decided to organize my diapers on my changing table as much as possible before I get the containers I need for the table.

So I brought my whole stash onto the ground with me to do a quick inventory of what I have, and then put them away in a somewhat clean looking way. Holy cow... I have a lot more than I thought I did. 

I've been only buying diapers when they are on a really good sale online. Because of that, I have been able to keep my cost very low, and get a variety of brands to try out! This being said, let me just show you the magnitude of how many I really have. 

Ya when my last 2 arrive today in the mail I will have 31 total... And my total cost thus far has been $300. I'm pretty proud, especially since I have 12 BumGenius 4.0's that I only paid $140 for, they usually cost $203 for that many. 

Anyway, another post to come VERY shortly, we have our big 3D ultrasound this morning. It's about 2 weeks sooner than I originally planned on getting it done, but we wanted Riley to be able to be there. I'm excited to see the little guy and get to kind of see what he actually looks like!