Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Morning rain is fallin

can i just say how much i LOVE the maroon 5 song "Sunday Morning" seriously i think it's one of my all time fav's..... well contrary to my status it is NOT raining at the moment. promised me rain all weekend... so far that has just been friday though. and let me tell ya, when it rains here... it RAINS. and it comes out of nowhere so you can't really prepare.

now i'm a Portland Or girl by birth, Seattle girl by heart. so the rain puts me in such a peaceful mood, i absolutely LOVE it. however Deezul, does not feel the same way. he is terrified of wind, and rain.... well he's gonna have to get over that... so i've been slowly trying to break him in. we took him to the beach yesterday.. and i THINK he liked it... he ate the sand (nerd) and then took a nap. he was only hit by like 2 waves and i dont think he knows what he wants to think of those yet.

so both my boys took a little nap on the beach, we werent there for very long, but we forgot sunscreen, and lets just say Rye didn't flip at all, so his one side is VERY well done :)

so yesterday was one of Riley's buddies birthday. and i told them since we moved into our place i would make him a birthday dinner. so 2 of the guys came over and we had bbq chicken, baked potatoes and an awesome Dairy Queen birthday cake. i had alot of fun with the whole thing, since me and Rye didn't really get to celebrate any holiday's or our birthday's this year together, and i'm HUGE on birthdays it was nice to be able to celebrate.

ok so what did we do for this momentous occasion you may find yourself asking. well we did what anyone would do... we watched GLEE... HAHAHA yup i spent my saturday night watching Glee with 3 Marines. and here's the kicker, it wasn't even my idea... yup. i asked rye to watch the first episode with me a week or so ago and he said ya, so i bought the season (knowing that it's too funny not to like) and we watched the first episode. then after he was like "Sav that wasn't bad. you can put the 2nd episode on if you want... and so it began. so within about a week we watched the whole "Road to Sectionals" dvd. then when the guys came over, they'd been giving him crap all week, i think they were kinda curious what it was all about... so i put in the 1st disc... and after the first episode they were kinda hooked. so they are 4 episodes in now :)

anyway in the middle of typing all this, Rye called me from the other room. it appears that our darling little Deezul decided to pee the bed... after i had already taken him out multiple times this morning... so poor Rye who has barely slept in the past 2 days, was woken up by a warm liquid seeping through the blanket... the little jerk! so i'm going to end this post. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello World

All the empty disappears
I remember why I'm here
Just surrender and believe
I fall down on my knees
SO Hello World, Hello World, Hello World

that song has been stuck in my head all day. sometimes songs just hit ya... ya know?! so we've officially moved into our permanent housing. we've been in for 2 nights now. it's certainly been an adventure. for starters... this whole 4 plex was built on the worlds most gigantic ant hill.... and apparently i am the only one who even cares... i mean really?! so i am woman! i am single handedly  exterminating the entire colony... (cue evil laughter) BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... wow can you tell that i was kept awake almost all night last night :)

we got a puppy. he was 6 weeks old when we got him. but he turned 7 weeks yesterday. he's a Shar Pei and he's pretty much the cutest dog i've ever seen! his name is Deezul Oliver Gardiner... initials D.O.G :)

and apparently they have placed us in a demolition zone. so within the next 1-3 years they will be tearing this place down. :) this means they will move us into another place... hopefully a newer nicer one with less insects... cause this sucks! but since we're in a Demo zone, they have GIVEN UP on yard care in this section of the base housing.. it's bull crap. the entire base housing has lush green grass, and gorgeous plants..... i have dirt patches, and clumps of completely DEAD lawn. my new neighbor down our little hill has a beautiful lawn though. she gave me some advice, apparently living this close to the beach, all i have to do is put out a sprinkler everyday and my grass will grow... so we have officially started operation lawn revival.. i've taken before pictures...

ugg and it doesnt even look as bad in this picture cause i'd been watering for like an hour already. but i am determined!!!

ok next adventure... i guess the people that lived in this unit before were some pretty heavy drinkers... thats the only conclusion i can come to... cause what kind of people would smash beer bottles in their back yard.... IF THEY HAD A DOG! not sober people, i'll tell you that much! so when i was at home depot for a sprinkler and insect weaponry i picked up a bucket and some garden gloves... and i've spend HOURS trying to pick up all the rocks, garbage and glass all over our yard. our little Dee has almost choked on alot of the garbage... and i saw him trying to eat a piece of broken glass... ya that would've been fun to try and pass!

so ya it's friday night, and Riley has duty.... whats duty you may be asking yourself... well basically he gets to patrol the barracks for 24 hours and make sure that there is order.... fun huh. which means tonight it's just me and little Deezul tonight. right now we're laying in bed. with lady antebellum playing, and a candle for a little night light... i think he's gonna do good at being there for me when rye is away on trainings and deployments...he's a good pup.... and he's potty training really well... in almost a week he's had less than 10 accidents... almost all of which were my fault. he is the sweetest little thing!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


ok so yesterday Rye and i went out to dinner at Chili's. it was way yummy! and that just reminded me that i have leftovers in the fridge... too bad i'm in the car. ANYWAY. so afterwards we WERE going to go see a movie but we were both kinda tired. so we went back home and watched a few episodes of Glee...  (i'm converting him) after 2 episodes i turned the tv off and said it was time to sleep. he looked at me weird cause apparently 9:30 was a bit too early for him. so i turned off the lights and he got out his little laptop. after a full night of sleep Rye shook me awake... and told me to get off the bed cause he couldn't sleep. i asked what time it was and he said "10:30"
"hahaha no, Sav if it was 10 in the morning, you would see sun"
"what are you doing waking me up then?"
"i can't sleep so i am making us a bigger bed on the ground" sometimes rye takes the twin mattress off our bed and off the other one and puts them on the ground to make us a wannabe queen.. with a big freakin crack in the middle.
so then he started bugging me cause he couldn't sleep, i was DEAD tired, i rolled over to him and said
"Rye! sorry i don't have any Valentine Mixes"
what the crap does that mean?! who knows... all i know is i was WAAAAAY sleepy :) so i slipped him a tylenol pm and we went to sleep. then i woke up to him jumping on the bed... at 7:30 in the morning.. that is a bit too early on a saturday to be waking up! so he took me out for some banana macadamia nut pancakes... WOW!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

who lives in a pineapple under the sea!

so this last weekend was FULL! we finally got both of us new bikes. we needed bikes to be able to get around since we're returning our rental car tomorrow. so the search started. we looked up all the bike shops in Oahu and one by one went to them ALL. we found Rye's bike in the second store we went to. it took a bit more effort to get mine though.... i didn't find mine until the very last bike shop on the island. but we really like them both! i'll put pictures up as soon as i get some :)

Sunday morning we got up really early so i could get cute so we could go to church at our new ward. i was really nervous. cause i really really want to make friends... but going to a new ward is terrifying cause you never know if anyone is going to actually like you. Rye's dad looked up our church address, we punched it in the gps and away we went! we got to the church went in talked to a few of the members at the door... and were told we were in the TOTALLY wrong ward.. but stay anyway! we stayed and then bailed after sacrament.

so after that little mishap, we drove by and found OUR church so we can ride our bikes there next sunday. we went back home to change and then headed out towards the north shore. we thought it would be fun to go to the Dole Plantation and do the maze... so we did!

then after the Dole plantation we found a secret beach and explored for a few hours. on our way back home... there were HUGE bright rainbows. seriously the rainbows here are INSANE!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


well kids, today is June 4th 2010... 6 years ago today i started going steady with a boy I'd somewhat dated casually for almost a year. at a midnight showing of the newest Harry Potter movie at the time. Riley held my hand :) a sweet and simple start to the most amazing thing in my life. and since with this new life we have, i don't know if he'll be around for our wedding anniversary in august, and since he missed all the other holidays so far this year. this one is kind of a big deal to both of us.

So Happy Harry Potter Anniversary Cute Bum! i love you! you make it all worth it, AND you keep me entertained :) and a year from now.... give or take a few weeks. you'll be home from what will be your first deployment... and the hardest 7 months.

ok.. enough of the mushy stuff.

I was in the car last night with Rye on our way back to base with some subway for dinner. and we got to talking about him leaving this fall. and i have to admit, i'm absolutely terrified. not to mention totally devastated that all the holidays he missed this year... he's going to miss AGAIN. which sucks really bad for him, because he is SO big on holidays. i mean he starts singing Jingle Bells in August... but last year he didn't, because he was going to miss the holiday... I HAVE TO GO A WHOLE YEAR WITHOUT HEARING IT AGAIN!!! i know it sounds like such a stupid thing. but it sucks.

When Rye was gone at bootcamp i was in Utah... what i like to call my "basecamp" i had all my siblings, plus more friends than i can even count. everywhere i went i would run into someone i know. and it was NICE. i was able to have a distraction from the reality that my husband was gone. this time though. i'm 2200 miles from the mainland.. and a time difference of 3-6 hours... depending on who i'm talking to. i'm completely cut off an isolated. And i have yet to make any friends. well i have yet to meet people, which is usually a key ingredient to friends :) i'm sure once i have some friends i will be able to keep busy. and i know i still have months before i really have to worry. but it really does suck.

i'm sorry to be such a Debbie Downer this morning. i just kinda wanted to vent. i don't want pity.. thats the last thing i want. i really just needed to let it out.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hey Soul Sister!

Alright boys and girls.... here's what you've been waiting for. well you probably haven't ACTUALLY been waiting for it, but i'm gonna give it to you anyway. so shut up and enjoy! here are a few pictures from Hawaii so far. it's been an adventure!

This is me at the Dole Plantation! we were driving to one of the billion beaches on the island and we accidentally ended up here on the way. we ran in to get an ice cream. they were closing!!! but we got there in time to get a Dole whip float... which if any of you have been to disneyland it's what they sell outside the TikiRoom and they are SOOOO good!

Meet Scallop. she is a 256 lb basking sea turtle. we sat about 2 feet away from her as we watched the sunset. she was one of 6 laying on the beach. there is a family of about 16 that live in the water off of this beach. and on this particular day 10 were out feeding, and these 6 were just basking in the sun. it was an AWESOME sunset.

overall it was a good day!
here are some of the guys in Rye's platoon. rye is the one in the water turned away.
we have rainbows mostly every morning! they are SOO pretty!!!
this was taken on our beach on base. this is the beach that i will be overlooking from my window when i move in on the 14th. i went out at sunrise last week when Rye was away on training. and this was one of the pictures i got. seriously it is gorgeous here! i don't know that it will ever get old.. the views i mean.. not the island... i am pretty sure i WILL get island fever. i'll update again soon! i promise!