Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So we got the new grill set up! so happy about that, i've been wanting a grill since we moved here last year. i am SO happy!!! i will be out grillin rain or shine now!

putting it together was an adventure... as you probably gathered from my post about Rye's missing tools...but it was worth it! we grilled corn on the cob that first night, and then the next night had a bunch of the guys over for Dogs and xbox. we played band hero for HOURS, until i finally kicked everyone out close to midnight. i look forward to MANY more nights with good food and good friends. Yay for life after Deployment!!!

Building the Grill

grilling corn

Rockin out!!!

Dee is stoked to have his buddies back

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ummmm.... ya

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh Gosh, and the Drama starts

So Riley is HOME! woohoo!!! he was soo excited to have all of our belongings here FINALLY... however we have had some problems already. so we bought a grill this weekend, and while putting it together this morning, Rye went to his massive tool boxes to get the tools he needed to put it together... and that's when i heard the panic voice from the other room "Babe, did you use my matco ratchet?" to which i told him... "nope, i used one but i put it back in the toolbox i swear!" his ratchet was missing... along with his $100 screw driver, a set of sockets, his impact (worth around $300) the attachment to his impact and a few other things...

Now when they were packing us to move i was THERE. the toolboxes were both locked and closed... when they delivered them, one of the boxes was opened... don't know WHEN that happened... but as of our tally this morning he's missing close to $1000 in tools already... needless to say, he's in a TERRIBLE mood... ya i would be too! i have to go tomorrow to file the claim for the missing stuff.... ugh.... i feel so bad for Rye... he's trying so hard to stay positive.... he's amazing... and i am SO glad to have him home... let's pray that we can get some money for his missing tools.

Friday, June 17, 2011

At Last, My Love Has Come Along

i know you have all been waiting on pins and needles for this day to come... My best friend is HOME from Afghanistan. it was a LOONG 7 months... but he's back. i'm going to make this a quick post, he's shaving so i have a few minutes.

The day of the homecoming i was running on 1 hour of sleep for 2 days... i had SOOO much to get done, and ended up just staying awake. I did my hair and got dressed, then ran around the house finishing a few last minute things. when i got the phone call that their flight was moved up half an hour. which would mean i would need to leave the house in 10 minutes... i had to get Laura and Ronnie on base, make sure Emily could follow me over, let steph finish getting ready in my bathroom and pick up Sam... ya, the stress kicked in.

i got to the hangar and was then stressed that some would miss the plane landing because of the time change. once everyone was there we all stood around and waited, but not for long.
pretty much stoked on life

And here we go!

Waiting with "Mama Harpster" i told you she was pretty!!!
Riley had already informed me that he was near the back, so i stood back for the first half and just watched the reunions happening all around me. when i saw the first guy i recognized i moved closer to wait. then i saw Rye, i can pick him out from a mile away! i kept expecting the tears to start the second i saw him... but i just couldn't get the smile off my face!

And then we hugged... and i got all teary eyed, ok so yes i cried!


At Last

i love this picture

ok so this last picture, right after getting home, Riley went and found his pellet gun that is IDENTICAL to his real gun that he had all deployment... and wanted to play with it... i think he maybe had some separation anxiety from it :) it's been an AMAZING few days. yesterday we spent the day with Rolfes and Harpster (kinda Riley's two besties)

it honestly feels like he never left. everything is the same between us.. it wasn't awkward at ALL like it was after bootcamp... it's amazing. i'm happier than i thought possible... i'll post more pictures later... for now, i'm going to go shower and get ready for another day with Riley... YUP i get to hang out with him :) i love my life!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tourist for a Day

So, a few months ago one of the mom's of one of the guys got in contact with me, and we've been chatting ever since. i absolutely adore this woman, and could NOT wait for her to come out to Hawaii. Well Yesterday her and her younger son flew in, and i was able to get them from the airport. Today i drove over this afternoon to grab them and play tourist for the day. it's always fun to do that when you haven't really done TOO many touristy things while living here. we drove to north shore, stopped and saw the sea turtles real quick (ya i showed them my super secret turtle finding spot.... i'm pretty awesome like that). After the turtles we headed to the Polynesian cultural center. we did a luau and saw the HA Breath Of Life show, and it was AWESOME. i haven't been there before, and it was really interesting and entertaining. but i have to say my favorite part of the day was driving, i was able to just chat with Laura and get to know her even better... it's one of the things i miss most about the states.... long road trips with lots of time to just chat.

I am so excited for this weekend... time is FLYING BY. i know it's not for Riley at this point, but i've been very good about keeping REALLY busy so i don't have a chance to think and stress about anything.

Poor Dee was home alone for alot of the day, i tried to fee him tonight when i got home... but he just wanted to snuggle in bed.... soooo i put his food up and crawled in bed with him... now i have to deal with listening to his stomach.... ugh, why didn't he just give in and eat the dang food.

Ok i'm going to bed, i have to get up early to head out to Grab Laura and Bear for the day :) have an amazing weekend everyone!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Stress and Excitement!

Well, i'm still here... still just Deezul and I, but soon... oh so soon, Rye will be home with me, harassing me once again to put the computer down and pay attention to him. I am thinking about turning my computer completely off and not touching it until he goes back to work.... let's see how that plays out. i'm able to talk to Riley alot more now, which has been so nice. i am to the point that every other wife is DONE with what they need to do and they are pretty much just killing time... i kinda wish that was me. i am stressed beyond belief with all that i still have to do. the secret is out. after a little over a year all of our household goods FINALLY arrived. ya it took two truck loads to get it all in our house. and now i am left with the task of unpacking EVERYTHING... and not much time to do it. i know i COULD leave alot of it alone and have Rye help me. however he's just getting back from a 7 month deployment, and the last thing i want to do with him is unpack and clean... know what i'm sayin. my original plan was to not tell Rye our stuff got here, and just have it all here and put away when he got home. but when it all arrived, the stress kicked in... and more than anything, i needed to vent to my best friend. i am now confident i did the right thing. He had secretly been stressing big time about having to unpack everything on his 4 days off work. the last thing i wanted to do was put an unnecessary burden on him.

So as stressed as i am, i am SO grateful that this last little leg is flying by... only cause there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything perfect for when he comes home. then we will see how he REALLY feels about the decorating job :) oh by the way, i figured out what headboard i want to make. the inspiration comes from a $500 headboard in pottery barn. i will make mine hopefully for less than $50.... wish me luck! oh and all my projects are SO much easier with power tools.

oh and another thing... Mumford and sons.... AMAZING.

oh oh, and thunderstorms in Hawaii are AMAZING but frustrating when you are trying to unpack and the power keeps shutting off.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well my power is going to be shut off in like an hour and a half.... for 6 hours... GREAT. that is EXACTLY what i need today :) Today is going to be a crazy busy day. i have a few appointments, and then i HAVE to finish the last of my "Deployment Projects".

I headed to costco yesterday for my final costco trip of the deployment! WOO HOO i freakin love costco. i spent a bit more than i planned but i got a TON of extra stuff. all stuff that we needed, except for I Am Number Four on bluray... but i really wanted that, so....... JUSTIFIED!!!!

i got alot of meat to freeze for bbq's with the boys and sunday dinners with my man. as well as one of those BIG drink dispensers... it was an AMAZING deal, and i've wanted one for months now. i had Sam and her husband come over last night, they brought the marine from our little memorial day cookout... cause i needed something moved, and having two marines do it is a HECK of alot easier. so i fed them all a Costco pizza, and then made them brownies. I am nothing if not resourceful. i finished out the night with the AC on 66 so i could freeze out my apartment, so i don't sweat to death today. Poor Deezul is shivering. he spent last night UNDER the blankets... he NEVER DOES THAT. poor puppy. and i WAS going to send him to Sam's to chill for the day, so i could get stuff done. but some last minute stuff happened.... so i am going to have to deal with the butthole today... let's see how things go :) i really do love Dee... more than almost anything. and anyone who has been around us knows this... HOWEVER for the project i'm working on today, i'd rather him be out of the way... it's a bit hazardous to puppy health :)