Sunday, November 22, 2009

Catch up time! haha 8 days left.

ok so i'm BETTER at blogging than i was a year ago... but it's been a busy month for us here.  As most everyone knows... Riley is Leaving Dec 1st for Marine Corp Boot Camp in San Diego... now Dec might seem soo far away... but it's only 8 days.. wow, that's really soon. now here are the rules while he is gone...
I drop him off sometime Tuesday the 1st, a few days later i MAY get a call letting me know that he arrived and he's safe - end of call- from there on out i will be expecting a letter everyday from him(he knows if i don't get one his ass is grass!) and i will write him back. old fashioned style with a stamp that i lick and everything! no e-mails, no phonecalls, no texting, no visits. and then sometime like the 2nd week in march i'll go to San Deigo for his Graduation, tears will be shed and it will be pretty cool. then he gets 10 days leave, and then he'll go for 3 more months of training to the school of infantry.

so i've been trying to get everything together for while he's gone. i have to pack up my room here at his parents house so i can move up to my moms next weekend. Dec 1st is not going to be a fun day. so i'm trying to figure out what i'm going to do. I have to go get my military I.D. with Cat that day. but i think sometime that day i'll have to go see Lauren, cause she's my best friend and i'll probably need my best friend. but i have a few other friends that will be around so i can stay super busy. so if anyone wants to play... i'm probably up for it. call or text me.

well this is kind of a long post but expect another one shortly!