Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Tribute....

so here it is... 5 years ago this week, i went on a blind date. i was only 15 but this guy asked Megan out and she didn't want to go on a date just him and her so she said she'd only go if he could find someone to go with me. so we (me and Megan) borrowed $20 for gas from my mom and promised to do my homework when we got home. and we headed up north to American Fork. to a place called
and we waited for Sterling to show up with his mystery friend. now we both questioned what kind of wierd people he hung out with and for good reason, for as the years wore on i only met one normal person that he hung out with. and just my luck he happened to bring that one normal person that night. we met at the door to get our tickets there he was in a red hurley sweatshirt, and a pair of cargo pants that i have since then trashed. and that night started a crazy turn of events. from there we hung out every night for a week. and then he didn't call me for a month. and then when he did we went out every night for a week then he didn't call for a month and a half. and it continued on this way til June of 2004 but i didn't really care because i was dating other guys anyway. i dated Aaron for a while and then i dated Russell Brummer pretty seriously for a while. well me and Brummer had a heart to heart one night and decided we just weren't right for eachother for the moment. so on June 4th 2004 things kicked up. Lauren wanted to go see the new Harry Potter movie. the thing is i HATED Harry Potter. and apparently Sterling wanted to go to because (he wanted Lauren) so they played a trick on us, Lauren told me that Riley was going and Sterling told Riley that i was going. so we both showed up. and about 3/4 into the movie we held hands for the first time. and we've been inseperable ever since.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm a mama!

So i've been married to Riley for 2 years now. and the baby hungriness comes and goes in spurts. and as most of you probably know, we purchased a house a month ago. So recently all my friends seem to be either getting married, getting pregnant, or adopting... sooooo i've decided to jump on the band wagon, cause i'm not one to be left behind... so i've adopted a little 1 year old boy named Edward (no not after Edward Cullen)

He's the sweetest little thing ever! he was given up at birth because the Breeder saw that he was white and aparently thats a shame to the Boxer breed, how lame is that. so he's never had a home before he's been passed around from shelter to shelter. so we brought him home and named him Eddie and he's mine and i love him!!!

And here's the really cool thing.... you ready for this... he's deaf! it's a little frustrating when i'm trying to yell at him for doing something bad (which is alot) cause he can't hear me at all. i have to walk across the room to punish him. so i'm definately getting my workout everyday. but i haven't ever been happier. he has brought our marriage to the next level.

so here are some pictures of Eddie