Saturday, May 16, 2009


so i've decided that i'm going to blog alot more. especially now that i actually have interesting things going on in my life! so this is kind of an update of everything and from here on out i'm going to be better at this! so let's see... whats new.. Well in March Riley joined the United States Marine Corps, thats pretty big news. he told me he wanted to so we decided that was probably the best thing for both of us right now. so he told his best friend Zack later that night while they were on xbox live that he was thinking about joining. i was at the store when they were talking and when i returned home Riley told me that Zack had talked him out of it. something about family obligations... so i was LIVID with Zack and told Riley not to talk to Zack about it anymore and he agreed that was probably best. that we would tell him when everything was official. so like 2 weeks later we had to go up to SLC for Riley to sign his life away. We thought it would be wrong to be up in lehi and not stop and say hi to our bestfriends so we surprised Zack and Cat at their door. me and Cat went on one of our infamous wal mart trips and when we got back Riley informed me that he told Zack. the next day Zack told us he was joining too. he couldn't let his best friend go off and do cool things without him. He said he was actually trying to talk himself out of it when he told Riley not to join. so after another very long week our boys joined the Corps.

So they leave Sept 8th 2009 for 13 weeks of hell in boot camp. i will be moving in with Cat while they are gone so that we are not all alone. our house is up for sale and we've recieved an offer so we are just waiting to close. i really am excited i think it's going to be an adventure. after he's done with boot camp he'll have about another year of training but they will pay for me to live with him at that point hopefully. and then after training we'll go to whereever we are stationed. all four of us are hoping for North Carolina right now so we'll see how things go.

another bit of news is that me and Riley got a new pet. after the whole fiasco with Eddy i was heartbroken. i had the worlds worst dog (literally) and i was forced to give him up. i only had him for 4 weeks but i was devastated i bawled for days! after that i didn't really want another pet because i felt like i failed Eddy. so 3 weeks ago "uptown girls" was on t.v. and i was watching it while getting ready for the day. well if you've seen it you know that Brittany Murphy's charactor has a pet pig. and if you ask almost anyone that knows me well i've wanted a pet pig for years. i even asked our realtor if i could have a pig in the development before we commited to buy. so i don't know what got into Riley but when i texted him a picture of the last little pot-belly piglet on sale at the petstore he said ok. so they boxed up my 6 week old piglet and put him in my car and told me it would take a few days for him to warm up to us. so just as promised our little piglet hid out in his room (our half bath) for 2 days straight and wouldn't let us get close to him. i named him Sam and i wasn't sure if i liked him. mostly because he didn't like me at all. within a week Riley decided that he was changing Sam's name from Sam to Pig... pretty original huh. well he is nothing like what i expected.. i don't know what i expected but not Pig. he loves walks. and getting his belly rubbed. and he LOVES lettuce and oranges. and he's almost all the way litter box trained... we'll see how that goes :) he knows when he's misbehaving and he knows the word Come and his name... we're working on tricks and other things.