Monday, April 8, 2013


Mister G officially has 2 teeth! I would include a picture, but try to get him to show you and he will stick his tongue out, so.. no picture.

He's crawling all over the house, which means the day I have dreaded for months has arrived... He has discovered the dog food in the dining room. I had a bunch of pins on pinterest on ways to lift Deezuls bowls up off the floor. But here's the problem. I moved Deezul's dog bed out of the living room a while ago because of all the baby crap taking up the whole space. That is what started Deezul's anorexic spiral. And seeing as how I am just barely getting my old dog back after battling months of puppy depression I don't want to ruffle any feathers by messing with his food. Any advice?

We were able to get Riley home for 9 days (ridiculously short I know!)
 He made sure to do some super manly things with Miles.
 We celebrated Easter a week early. Miles LOVED his loot from the bunny. Rye had a blast helping the bunny figure out what he would enjoy.
 Tigger towel was all dad :)
 We went out to dinner with good friends (This is Miles with the Godfathers)

 We drove up to north shore and watched the sun set over the waters of Waimea as a family.
 Seriously look at that grin! This kid is so in love with his dad it's not even funny!
 Miles soaks up screen time with dad
 I really love these boys.
He loves to lay his head on Riley's shoulder (He pretty much NEVER does this with me)

9 days seemed to go by so fast, but we also fit SO much into 9 days it seemed to last far longer than that.

Miles was teething the whole time Riley was home so he got to be up multiple times a night with us. He is so incredibly patient at 3am... I'm not as much. I just want to give him the boob and shut him up so I can zombie walk back to my room and concentrate on not falling down the staircase on my way past it (seriously think about that every night). Riley would so calmly take the not hungry but screaming Miles in his arms, head down the stairs and out the front door. He would either walk down the block with him. or once we put him in the stroller, put the leash on Deezul and we went on a 2 mile walk around base at 3am.

Miles is so incredibly lucky to have a dad who openly admits that his entire world revolves around his family. He has never been ashamed to be a family man. I love that Miles will grow up with his dad as his role model. There is the quote "The greatest thing a father can do for his children, is to love their Mother" Riley is a fantastic dad and the most loving husband a girl could ask for.

We miss him every minute that he is not home (especially the days when Mister G refuses to nap)

Soon he will be back with us. I feel as though lately I have been in a constant state of counting down. I want to enjoy my husband without an expiration date right in front of us. I'm ready to go out with our little family and explore more of this amazing Island. I've got my list of hikes ready to go!

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