Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy December!

I get my husband home this month!!!!!!!! That is the ONLY info I can give right now.

This weekend I decided to clean out my closets and get rid of quite a few items that I don't understand why I still have them! So far just from posting some stuff on facebook I have made $170.... Which pretty much covers the Christmas shopping damage I did this weekend for the small child (sorry Riley) hopefully I can get some more of this stuff out of here! Cause I need to make room, Miles is slowly taking over all the free space in the house :)

I went to the craft store this weekend to get some supplies for a few projects, a welcome home sign, Miles' 3 month onesie and some other super fun craft stuff.

I really wish I was blogging more, BUT I use all my free time to work on projects. Why do I ALWAYS overwhelm myself with projects while Rye is gone. I have to get our new bed built in the next like weekish (that is my timeline I gave myself) When Rye gets home he is going to help me sand down and stain this table as red as I can get it!

I WAS going to put some pictures there but apparently I ran out of storage space on my blog for pictures... Anyone know if I will attain more storage at the beginning of the year. or am I going to have to purchase storage? I mean $2.50 isn't a terrible price a month, But how many people actually read my blog anyway... Is it worth PAYING for pictures? I know Riley reads it, and when he is away it is nice for him to keep up to date... We will revisit this issue.

Miles is going to be 3 months old the day after tomorrow. Time sure does fly! He rolled onto his belly for the first time today. Riley was able to see him do it over Skype! Well we both actually missed the first time... little Roman saw it instead. He pulls up to stand, and holds his head up like a champ! He's VERY physical and has been trying desperately to become mobile for WEEKS. I fear we may have an early crawler on our hands. I am NOT ready for him to be mobile. Deezul is just getting used to him, and I know he is not ready for Miles to be able to go after him. Lord help us all when the day finally arrives.

Cloth diapering is still going awesome. I only use disposables with the babysitter now. She MAY be cool with cloth, but I haven't ever asked her. I don't want to burden her at all. Also she is very well priced, and Miles only goes 2 days a week for like 4 hours, I think I can afford diapers for that time!

Speaking of cloth diapering, have I mentioned that it is addictive yet? Yikes. Wait until you guys see my next post about my stash. I would include pictures... But blogger hates me, and your curiosity.

The house is being decorated for Christmas and I am beyond excited. I cannot wait to see Riley and Miles on Christmas morning :)

Also I think I am A-OK if Riley decides to get out of the Marine Corps. I know that it is really hard on him to be away from us (especially Miles(And Deezul)) I really really like Rye, so I wouldn't mind having him around 24/7 again. He's my best friend :)

I really do love blogging, I have just been so busy. I will try to stay on top of it though!


  1. Love hearing about ya! I'm glad things are going well!

  2. Did you say you cloth diaper? I need advice!! Lol, I'm about as lost as they come! I'm thinking bum genius brand! Do you buy new born or just one size fits all?


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